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Bolt Pentair Sta-Rite 3/8-16 x 3/4" U30-72SS

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Bolt Pentair Sta-Rite 3/8-16 x 3/4" U30-72SS .

California Residents WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.


4 Stub Shaft, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, CFA C110-17
6 Seal Plate, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, CFA, Bronze C2-57D
8 Impeller, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, CFA, 1.5 Horsepower, Bronze C5-181D
8 Impeller, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, CFA, 2.0 Horsepower, Bronze C5-182D
8 Impeller, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, CFA, 3.0 Horsepower, Bronze C5-203D
9 Gasket, Pentair CF6/CFA, Volute, 4-3/4"ID, 5-1/2"OD C20-72
10 Lock Handle, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, CFA C154-18D
13 Basket, Pump, OEM Sta-Rite/Pentair CF6 Series C108-11P
14 Trap/Pump Body, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, with Volute C1-201DB
15 Drain Plug, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, 1/4" U78-57DT
16 Stud, Pentair Sta-Rite, 3/8-16 x 1-1/4" U30-22SS
17 Nut, Pentair Sta-Rite, 3/8-16 U36-38SSW
18 Bolt, Pentair Sta-Rite, 3/8-16 x 3/4" U30-72SS
  Screw, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, Impeller C30-20
  Washer, Pentair Sta-Rite CF6, 9/16", 3hp U43-51D
1a Motor, Century,1.5hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key B123
1a Motor, Century,2.0hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key B835
1a Motor, Century,3.0hp,230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key B125
1a Motor, Century,1.5hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key SK1152
1a Motor, Century,2.0hp,230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key SK1202
1b Motor, Century,1.5hp,230v,2-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key B976
1c Motor,Century,1.5hp 115v/208-230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key,EE B795
1c Motor, Century,3.0hp,230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key,EE B817
1c Motor, Century,3.0hp, 208-230v,1-Spd,56Cfr,C-Face Key,EE SK1302V1
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