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BWA Wifi Module for Balboa BP Series Spa Packs Iphone Android APP 50350

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  • BWA Wifi Module for Balboa BP Series Spa Packs Iphone Android APP 50350 (50350-06)
  • BWA Wifi Module Balboa BP 50350-06
  • BWA Wifi Module Balboa BP 50350-06
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Balboa BP Wifi Module 50350 in the latest version 50350-06 and now 50350-07 which is backwards compatible for BP control systems. Add the wifi functionality with this WIFI module.

On sale now with free shipping.

get app balboaIphone App and Android App available for download.

This wifi module is required in order to use the bwa app to control your spa. Spa must be outfitted with newer Balboa BP type control system.

This is the latest version. No old stuff here!

Control your spa from anywhere at anytime.  Control your spa in your backyard, house, office or from any wifi hotspot.

You can even control the spa from any 3G or 4G network.

The Balboa Worldwide App (bwa™), is an app for your smart phone (Android™ or iPhone®)

app installation wifi module

This allows you to access your hot tub via a direct connection anywhere in the local proximity of your tub, anywhere in your
house that you can connect to your local WiFi network, or from any internet/3G/4G network.

 Instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the control panel, the Balboa app lets you start the spa and change control panel settings from your smartphone or tablet.

The App provides full interface control so you can set the temperature, turn pumps on and off and even program filter cycles.

Kit includes the bwa Welcome Kit and Wifi Module

On Android device, scan the Android QR code or get it from Google Play.  For iPhone or iPad, scan QR code or get it from the App store. Search for Balboa Water Group and download the app.

System & WiFi Router Requirements:

wifi module bp systembwa communicates over a 2.4GHz home network supporting 802.11b/g/n wireless technology. Note: 5GHz networks are not supported.  
Standard wireless setup supports only home network routers configured to use open (no security) or WEP/WPA/WPA2.

A WiFi signal strength of -50 dBM or better is highly suggested to ensure non-interrupted cloud service.  If you need to move your module closer to the router, you can order an extension cable from 7ft. to 100 ft in length (7, 25,50,100):

bwa™ wireless access is not supported on: Guest networks/Hotspots that use a portal page to login.

If using a dual band router 2.4/5 GZ, then separate the networks and connect to the 2.4 GZ
Enterprise access points configured to require certificates or some other form of enterprise authentication (aka "802.1X", "RADIUS", or "WPA/WPA2 Enterprise").

balboa app systemYou need a Balboa BP main spa pack/control system to use this Wifi Module for your spa. 

Can use wifi with BP Series Balboa control systems including BP501, BP501X, BP601, BP2000 and BP2100.

To install n a BP500 or BP600 spa pack/system, you may need a y-cable that  is plugged into the circuit board (splitter) and the WiFi Cable is plugged into the first end of the Y-Cable panel jack and the Control panel is installed in the second end of the Y-Splitter cable. Cables are safely routed within the control box to a port on the side of the spa pack. We do offer a y-splitter cable as an accessory if needed, but many of the BP Balboa spa packs already have 2 ports - one on the circuit board and one wire that is already routed to outside the box.

The topside control cable leads to the control panel and the other cable leads to the wifi module, which should be installed away from any metal hot tub supports for best reception.

On the BP501 and BP601 systems,the procedure is similar where a y-splitter cable is used to connect both the wifi module and the control panel.

Follow directions for the BP2000 and BP2001 systems.  These systems have 2 jacks (J34 and J35), so there is usually no need for the splitter cable. The wifi module goes in one jack and the control panel goes in the other.

Power off the spa before installing. The tub must be powered off for the Wi-Fi module to initialize properly. If your tub has been pre-installed with a Wi-Fi connection cable, open the equipment
compartment and plug the bwa module into it.

This is the latest version 7 of this wifi module.  Must have Balboa BP system to use this item.50350-06, now 50350-07 is same as 50350and 50619.

This item backwards compatible with all earlier versions of 50350. Shipping latest model.

51159 is another part number that refers to this kit of 50350-06 plus the welcome kit - but that part also includes a y splitter cable.

In any case, you will receive the current model version of the Balboa Water Group BWG Wifi module extension antenna.

Optional extension cable for flexibility in bwa wifi module placement:

  • 25662-1 or 25662-25 -CABLE EXTENSION TP PANELS – 25 FT
  • 25662-2 or 25662-50 -CABLE EXTENSION TP PANELS – 50 FT

There are also other length extensions cables if needed.



Works with Balboa BP Series control systems including BP20, BP21, BP501,BP601, BP2000 and BP2100 Series packs. 

Replaces 50350-01 through 50350-07
The easiest way to check if you can see your home Internet network from your tub, is to try and connect to it with your smart device next to the tub.

Open a browser window and connect to the Internet (or any other app that connects to the Internet).
While standing at your tub, if you can connect your smart device to the Internet through your home network, then the tub bwa Wi-Fi module should be able to connect to your home network also.
If you cannot connect to the Internet through your home network, you may need to move your router or add a repeater or some other signal booster so you can see your network at your tub.
It is not possible to connect to the spa via “the cloud” without a third “device” such as a network router, or device used as a hot spot. If no third device exists the bwa module operates in local direct connect mode only.

Control your hot tub via your smart device via 3G, 4G, or WiFi hot spots.

The bwa app and Wi-Fi module supports all Balboa BP systems including BP20/BP21, BP500/600, BP501/601, BP1500/1600, BP2000/BP2100, BP2500/BP2600, Revolution & Colossus,56377, 56378, 56379, 56389. 

Replaces Clearwater Spa Wifi module for BP packs  50350-06 and Master Spas wifi module X619372 as used in 2015 and newer model Twilight Series spas and other hot tubs.


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2 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by George h on 6th Jun 2019

    Once I set it up its working great. I leave the temp low and adjust as needed . Really happy so far

  • 5
    Works great - - easy self-install

    Posted by Terry Kniess on 30th Nov 2017

    Got a new Coast Spa and didn't want to pay nearly and extra 1K for this add-on. Checked it out here and it was a perfect match and fit. It took about 15 minutes total to install. Fired that puppy up and it works totally as advertised. How cool is that? Also had ultra fast product delivery.

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