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Pentair Euro Jet Body 3/8 b Air x 3/4 b Water Tee 46927000

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The Euro jet bodies 46927200 with a single ¾ barb water and ¾ barb air ,   or 46927300 with ¾ inch slip connection and 3/8 bar air  are still available.

We offer several PVC adapters/parts depending on how your installer would like to solve the installation, ie could cut in a barb tee ¾” BT34 and 3/8” RF852 with some additional tubing (3/8 and ¾” tubing) , or use the slip version and slip tees/couplings as needed.

We also offer ozone cluster jet body  3/8 barb x 3/4 slip 211.0380.

Pentair Euro Jet Body 3/8 barb Air x 3/4 barb Water Tee 46927000



5 Gasket, Balboa Water Group Euro Jet, Wall Fitting 967400
7 Jet Body, BWG Euro, a3/8"b, w3/4"b, Ell 46927200
8 Jet Body, BWG Euro, a3/8"b, w3/4"s, Ell 46927300
10 Jet Body, BWG Euro, a3/8"b, w3/4"b, Tee 46927000
11 Tool, Internal, Balboa Water Group Euro Jet 46920700

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