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Saratoga Spa Long Wrap Pillow 74331 Gray

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  • Saratoga Spa Long Wrap Pillow 74331
  • Saratoga Spa Long Wrap Pillow
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Saratoga Spa Long Wrap Pillow 74331 Gray

Pillow is about 25 inches long.

The pillows are now made with 3 pins for spas that need the third/center pin.

For spas that do not need the center pin and only need 2 pins, the center plastic pin can be snipped off as needed and will not affect the pillow, but allow for a flatter installation for those needing 2 pins.

Either way if 2 or 3 pins are needed, this is the 74331 Saratoga Spa wrap pillow.  Need 3 pins, that is the way the pillow comes. Need 2 pins, snip off the center pin. Outer 2 pin spacing is the same.

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Pillows are not warranted - maintaining proper water balance extends pillow life.
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