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Scum Brick ZORBIE Floating Scum Collector For Spa

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ZORBIE Scum Brick Hot Tub Floating Scum Collector For Spa

Included - Single Brick
Size - 6" x 3.75" x 2.3"

- Absorbs pool & spa oil scum residues, to help prevent scum lines and increase the life of spa filters.
- Removes Body Oil and Makeup
- Removes Foul Odors beneath the Spa lid
- By removing the dead bacteria laden skin, pH is easier maintained
- Replace every 60-90 days
- Do not wash or rinse, simply squeeze out and reuse.

When properly placed in the skimmer, the Water Bobble, removes contaminants right off the surface. Stopping the Bacteria laden Dead Skin, Body Oil, Makeup, from going round & round, within your circulatory system.

The majority of the Dead Skin, will collect on the Zorbie, rather than congeal on your filter.
Here it is... The World Famous "Water Bobble" for Pools & Spas!

From the manufacturer: "Water Bobbles" last 30-90 days or until they settle low in the water, depending on bather loads

Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles are oleophilic (attracts oil) and it’s formula mix and production procedures create a unique, interconnected, cellular framework.

The open cell structure creates networks of cavities throughout the foam, allowing oils to penetrate deep within. This feature combined with fact that Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles is hydrophobic (repels water), is what makes it the most superior oil absorbent in the market.

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