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Tubing Clamp Double Wire 1/4 Inch Ideal OD DW-6ST-ZD

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  • double wire hose clamp
  • 6ST DW-6ST-ZD
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Engineered Source, Inc. Engineered Source, Inc. Tubing clamp, double wire, 1/4 inch ideal OD single clamp.

Replaces DW-6ST PA , DW-6ST-ZD

Self-compensating hose clamp expands/contracts with temperature change

  • Cannot be over/under tightened
  • High strength carbon steel
  • "Ideal OD" refers to the size in between the smallest and largest hose the clamp will fit on.

hose clamp used in Coleman Spas, Elite Spas, Vita Spas, LA Spas and other brand hot tubs to attach ozone tubing.

Tubing Part Type    Double Wire Clamp
Clamp Size    1/4" ideal od


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