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Biofilm Water Treatment Hot Tubs

Do You Know What’s Lurking in Your Spa Plumbing?

What Are Biofilms?

virus bacteriaOver the past 15 years, the medical community has recognized biofilm bacteria as its own category -separate from other types of bacteria.

Biofilms live and grow on surfaces and it is very difficult for your body or drugs to kill them. Biofilms play a role in chronic diseases.

It's not enough to just add chlorine or bromine sanitizer to the visible spa water!

Why Biofilms Are Dangerous – The Science Behind It

Acute bacterial infections come from planktonic bacteria that are individual, single cell, free swimming bacteria. Chronic infections are caused by bacterial biofilm which are multi-cellular organisms. These organisms can fester in parts of the body (urinary tract, heart valve, etc.) and neither penicillin or anti-biotics are effective against them.

yucky water in spaThe process begins when bacteria enters the blood stream through infection routes. Planktonic bacteria form on a surface, preconditioned with protein from the host immune system.

Bacteria create biofilm by irreversible anchoring themselves to each other, then growing through cell division and recruitment of new bacteria. Other microorganisms, including fungi, yeasts and protozoa, also form part of this colony.

This complex community of permanently-joined bacteria makes eradication with traditional treatments very difficult, since a mucilaginous protective coating is secreted that encases this complex structure.

dirty hot tub water in plumbing

Biofilm in Water

hose dirtBiofilm can form in recreational water vessels that have plumbing and jets. This includes hot tubs, spas, pools, jetted bathtubs and birthing tubs. Bathers feed the biofilm matrix as they release organic contaminates, like sweat, exfoliated skin, etc., into the water. Other contaminants, like lotions, soaps and fragrances, can also help create an environment ripe for biofilm. This is especially true in warm and dark water environments – like those found in hot tubs.

Water sanitizers, including chlorine or bromine, are effective against planktonic bacteria in water. Unfortunately, the bacteria within the biofilm matrix are not dislodged by these sanitizers. Even if the top layer is killed, the cells underneath can continue to thrive and grow.

The biofilm remains inside the plumbing, filter and jets, even with water sanitizers. These bacterial colonies can harbor diseases including Legionnaire’s Disease, E-Coli, MRSA and others.

This danger is lurking in the plumbing, filters and air channels of your spa, hot tub, jetted bathtub or whirlpool bath. Even new spas can have this issue since the plumbing lines contain water from factory testing.

Since the concentration of contaminants per gallon of water is greater in hot tubs and smaller vessels, especially with warm water, more stringent monitoring is required. Water that is not perfectly maintained can cause skin irritations, have poor clarity or strong odors. You need a solution that can fully clean out the water pipes and sanitize your spa.

ahhsome-spa-cleaner.pngCan You Protect Yourself Against Biofilm?

There is a new product on the market, called Ahh-Some, that removes biofilm and dangerous buildup. This product is very concentrated and very effective in purging your plumbing to make your water safer.   Ahh-Some is easy to use and gives a thorough, deep cleaning. It is environmentally friendly and begins working almost immediately.  

You begin by doing an initial, one-time purge to get rid of years of accumulated build-up on the spa shell and within the plumbing.

You may think your water is clean, but wait until you see all of the gunk that comes out – even when using it on new spas.  

Using Ahh-Some will also help protect your equipment, with less calcium build up forming on the heater elements. The water will feel silky soft, look clearer and smell fresher.

After using the product, you will notice you need less sanitizer and less maintenance. This product can be used with Bromine, Chlorine, Ozone, Frog mineral sticks, Ionization, Di-Chlor, Nature 2 and all other sanitizers.

You can purchase Ahhsome spa water sanitizer at Hot Tub Outpost. Same day shipping is available. Protect your family by adding this revolutionary new product to your water maintenance routine.


ahhsome products

Get this amazing product and watch the guck come out of your spa plumbing lines. Even recommended for delivery of new spas to purge lines of factory water.

Once you have cleaned the hoses and pipe with Ahh-Some, you can also use spa minerals to help reduce the amount of bromine or chlorine sanitizer in the water.

This product works on bathtubs too.

bath tub dirty plumbing lines

Get Ahh-Some here for $29.95:  ahh-some 2oz jar