Replacement Hot Tub Pillows

Replacement Hot Tub Pillows

Replacement Hot Tub Pillows

Hot tub pillows can shrink, fade and disintegrate over time due to sun, chemicals and usage.

Pillows are not difficult to replace if you get the factory original replacement pillows as offered here at Hot Tub Outpost.

While chemicals are necessary to keep the water sanitary, they can do damage to pillows over time.

When you change the water in your hot tub, wipe your pillows clean with a mild, hot-tub-safe, cleanser.

If the cushions are dirty or discolored, a good hot tub cleanser along with a soft scrub brush can make them look brighter. You can also restore some shine with a conditioning/sealing product once they have been cleaned and dried. However, if your pillows are disintegrating, cracked or peeling, you may want to replace them.It is not comfortable having a headrest that is falling apart.

How to order the right replacement pillows for your spa:  See the Pillows here -

replacement hot tub pillows

Pillows vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in shape, size, color and connection type.

Even within a particular hot tub brand, the headrests can vary per spa model and can change over time. It is important to take note of the shape, length, height, width and color. Some may have decals or logos or even numbers on the back to help identify a replacement.

Your replacement spa pillows need to fit both the molded space in the hot tub and have the same type of backing.If a pillow is removed (or falls out), check the method of attachment that is used. It could be snap together bolts, clips, Velcro or something else. Hot tub pillows are easy to replace if you buy the exact same one.

We offer hot tub pillows for many different brands of hot tubs including Artesian Spa pillows, Cal Spa pillows,Coleman spa pillows, Saratoga spa pillows, QCA Spas pillows and many more.

Contact us with your spa model information for additional assistance.

Sample of pillow part numbers and differences in color/style of spa pillows.

Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement hot tub pillows for almost all brands of hot tubs, including those that are no longer in production. Popular brands include Cal Spas, Clearwater Spas, Coleman Spas, Sundance® Spas, Artesian Spas pillows, QCA Spas, Premium Leisure, Baja Spas and others.

The easiest way to order the correct hot tub part is to send a photo of the back and front of your spa pillow, along with dimensions, to A parts matching specialist will send you back a link for the correct replacement hot tub pillow.

If you follow proper water care and our tips for protecting the pillows, then your replacements should last for many years.

18th Nov 2017 Hot Tub Outpost

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