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How to Identify Hot Tub Replacement Parts

How to Identify Hot Tub Replacement Parts

Need that particular part for a hot tub to get back into enjoying your spa? That thingamajig connected to a doohickey next to the whatchamacallit that powers the hootenanny?  Here is some hot tub lingo that will have you requesting parts like a pro in no time.

1) Narrow it down to parts needed

Especially if multiple parts are needed, make a list of what they are and then go about finding part numbers for them, one by one. -- or to fast track things if the spa is a popular/current model brand, send the spa serial number along with a list of items needed for a lookup (

Replacement Spa Parts needed may include:

Pump (or pump wet end, impeller, seal kit or other pump parts)

Control Panel , Circuit board or Control System

Air Blower

Ozone Generator or ozonator line related parts


Jets (inserts that go in the front/water side or jet bodies mounted to back side of spa shell inside cabinet)


Plumbing Parts (PVC manifolds, hose or tubing, adapters, couplings..)

Filter Assembly Parts from just the replacement filter cartridge to a complete filter canister or a weir door.

Electrical parts like GFCI, power cords, equipment cords, fuses

Lighting parts from bulbs to light controllers and wiring

Sound System parts from speakers, speaker grills to stereos

Wifi modules to add wifi functionality to new style BP Balboa or Gecko spa control systems



2) Look at the actual part to see if there are any numbers on the part. Many pump labels will have the pump part number on the label.  Not the motor label that just identifies the motor, but the pump label that is the whole pump made up of the assembled pump motor and the wet end.      

Control panels will have a sticker on the sides or back with numbers on it, indicating the control panel model and sometimes the part number as well.  Photos of these labels are helpful in order to identify a direct replacement.

Circuit boards will have a chip number on the main PCB Chip and also a white sticker (Balboa boards) with important model information to match.  Spa packs will have the numbers on the outside of the spa pack and will also have a diagram on the inside spa cover.

Air Blowers have labels indicating horsepower/voltage and model number.

Ozonators also have labels indicating voltage. Some newer replacement ozonators can operate at either 115v or 230v as they are universal voltage like the popular APG type Del Ozonator uo3-ozonator-51002 with an AMP plug. There are also other UO3 models with different plug types as needed.

Valves are usually for either 1 inch plumbing or 2 inch plumbing. This is the inner diameter of the connecting hose (plumbing size) and not any measurement on the valve.  Sometimes valves will have numbers on either the valve body or under the valve cap to help identify them.  Otherwise we can match valves from the spa information and photos.

Jets Jets Jets - there are hundreds of jets, so if there are numbers on the jet, back of jet, jet body, underside of jet face, then those will be helpful, otherwise spa information or by visual matching.  First is the jet snap-in or thread-in type?  What is the diameter across front face of jet? Nozzle type? (directional nozzle, roto nozzle that spins, dual roto nozzle with 2 orifices that spin, multi-nozzle massage jet or other type).  Color is usually gray, stainless steel, black or white.  Now jet manufacturers like Waterway have discontinued hundreds of jets, not that they are not completely committed to supporting the aftermarket, but they at least have come up with one single directional jet model in each of five sizes to replace hundreds of discontinued snap-in style jet inserts. These are known as the generic STS type jets.   Contact us if you need assistance to match jets.

Pillows, cushions or headrests all make enjoyment of the spa more comfortable. Sometimes there are numbers on the back, but most pillows can be identified by manufacturer of the spa and model name/model year.

Filters and filter parts.  Sometimes there is a number on the end cap of the old filter, or can lookup by spa model. Or have to take the measurements of length, width (or diameter), top style (usually either open or closed) and bottom style( open or threaded).  If bottom has threads, are they fine threads (mpt) or course threads (SAE) and are they male threads (usually) or female threads?  Hot Tub Outpost has most filters available in the house brand Outpost Filter line for the best deal on quality replacement filters.

Other parts like fuses (they have the rating imprinted on the fuse), capacitors for pumps (also have the microfarad rating imprinted on the label), audio and lighting parts may have numbers on the actual part, or we may be able to lookup the part by seeing the spa model information or by seeing photos.

3) once a list is made of all part numbers needed, check that they are all available - in the case a part has been discontinued , there may be a replacement item that does the same job available. 

3b) worst case if a part is no longer available and a direct substitute item is also no longer available is to go bigger and replace the next biggest component. For example if an impeller is no longer available, may need to replace the pump wet end. If the pump wet end is no longer available, may need to replace the entire pump.  Same with a control system. If a control panel is no longer available, or a circuit board has been discontinued, then may need to replace the complete spa pack or control system.  Even complete replacement control systems such as our newer model BP bundles are not too expensive and come with updated features such as wifi capability.

So by using divide-and-conquer , identifying individual parts by name, finding part numbers as needed, most any part can be replaced to get your spa up and running again.

If you need assistance finding a particular part, contact us at for assistance.

2nd Sep 2023 Hot Tub Outpost

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