Hydro Spa Parts

Hydro Spas was based in Clearwater, Florida, but is no longer in business. The company sold off its assets to Infinity Spas. It had sold its hot tubs through retail outlets since 1975, until it went under in 2007. Hydro Spa also sold spas through Costco.   It made several series including the Mark III luxury line.

See the replacement Hydro Spa pillows here.

Hydro Spa used several different brands of spa control systems and packs from Len Gordon, Gecko, CTI, Correct Tech to Balboa.

We offer new replacement control systems such as the Balboa 54218-Z
The replacement control system can replace discontinued systems such as HydroSpa Z40 and includes a spa pack and topside control.
Note if replacing a spa pack that stands higher, you may need to add a 2x4 under the replacement pack to line up with existing plumbing.


We offer a full line of replacement filter cartridges and chemicals for HydroSpa and other brand hot tubs.

Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement parts and accessories for select model Hydro Spas. If the Hydro Spa part you require no longer exists, we may be able to find you a suitable spa part replacement.

Send your photos/inquires to info@HotTubOutpost.com for assistance.