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Infrared Sauna Information - Models, Benefits, Detox and Home Use

Is Infrared Safe?
far infrared sauna session readingInfrared lamps have been used for decades to warm newborn babies as well as to provide relief and healing for muscles and joints.

Infrared is a part of the sun’s light spectrum that is essential to humans, plants and animals.

The most vital rays to the human body are within the 6 to 14 micron range, although the body absorbs infrared in the 3 to 50 micron range.

Sometimes, due to pain, injury or toxins, our bodies need a boost to insure healing. When cells or tissues in the body are exposed to infrared heat between 6-14 microns, with the optimum absorption at 9.4 microns, response mechanisms stimulate the healing process within the body. This process is known as resonant absorption.

What is Far Infrared?
Far Infrared energy in the 6 to 14 micron range can penetrate the body directly, without heating the intervening air. Unlike traditional saunas, a far infrared sauna does not create hot air – the heat penetrates directly into the muscles.

TheraSauna TheraMitter heaters emit infrared in wavelengths of 6 to 14 microns, with the greatest output at 9.4 microns. This is within the same wavelengths naturally emitted by the human body. Your body can absorb this infrared radiant heat as deep as 1 1/2" -  2 inches below the skin for maximum deep muscle therapy.

What is the Maximum Temperature of the Infrared Sauna Cabin?

One of the main benefits of the infrared sauna over the traditional wet/hot rock sauna is that the ambient temperature can remain relatively low, but the sweat induced is far greater.

The max temp in the sauna is between 130F & 135F, which is more than adequate for a far infrared sauna, as the light waves penetrate the skin and create heat as well as the heat waves that are warming your skin on the outside. "I use my sauna at between 125F and 130F."

Infrared Sauna Benefits
Infrared Saunas Therasauna Benefits.jpgThe benefits of infrared are now available in saunas to help the body detox through sweating. Toxins, impurities and mineral waste are released, helping to improve your health and immune system.

TheraSauna operates at much safer and more comfortable temperatures of 110 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot Tub Outpost offers TheraSauna and TheraSauna Classic infrared sauna lines –  made in the USA with the best components and features.

Every sauna is hand crafted with state of the art controls, top quality heaters and Therasauna features aspen hardwood. Therasauna Classic offers the more affordable hemlock wood.  We also carry a standard line of Better Life dry infrared saunas.

How often you use the sauna will depend on your personal preference, health issues and time constraints.

Some people with rheumatoid arthritis prefer to go in several times a day for short sessions to feel more limber and less pain. Others with deep muscle pain may do a longer 30-40 minute session.

Read more about infrared sauna health benefits and reviews.

The beauty of these infrared sauna cabins is that they can be set up easily (under an hour) with no major tools required.

They do not require a special permit, installation, ventilation or wiring. They can be plugged into a dedicated 120v - 15amp (1 person) or 120v 20amp (2 person or larger sauna) outlet.

With their beautiful wood furniture style, the infrared dry saunas can be placed in a bedroom, exercise room, basement, health facility, office, vacation home – almost anywhere. The sizes range from 1 person to 4, so you can choose the size and options that fit your space and budget. We even custom build larger infrared saunas, just contact Hot Tub Outpost with your requirements.

For over 20 years, TheraSauna has been helping thousands of people live a healthier lifestyle. TheraSaunas are made in the USA and have been tested and approved by ETL in the United States and Canada and they exceed CE safety requirements. TheraSauna has applied for registration with the US Food and Drug Administration under Infrared Health Devices. TheraSauna is hand crafted and hand finished in the USA with heaters and controls all manufactured in the USA.

TheraSauna comes in several models to fit any room or lifestyle:

Therasauna Classic infrared saunaThe Classic TheraSauna models feature a 75 inch tall cabin made with Hemlock Wood; 4 soft touch button controls with Stable Heat system; 7 color Chromotherapy Light and FM Radio/CD/MP3 Auxiliary with 2 Speakers.

The Classic series comes in 3 sizes:

Our Prime TheraSauna line features additional upgrades including the deluxe Patented MPS Touchview Control with Patented Stable Heat System; Aspen Wood; Patented Micron Power Select and the Patented SpectraWave.

These 78 inch tall cabins also feature lighting upgrades; built-in ambient sound therapy; a reversible bench and 7 Day Programmable Controls.

TheraSauna Control System

The 15 color dimmable Chromotherapy Light is an optional upgrade but included FREE when you order your Therasauna on Hot Tub Outpost.

The Prime TheraSauna Series comes in 5 sizes - and custom sizing is also available  (ask us about a custom infrared sauna room):

Learn more about all of the benefits and features of Therasauna.

We also offer a standard line of far infrared saunas called Better Life which are available in 2 or 4 person models as well as other budget sauna models.  See the infrared sauna comparisons page.

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