Infrared Sauna Comparison

Comparing different infrared saunas comes down to comparing the control system, heaters, wood and workmanship.

Therasauna vs ClassicTherasauna vs Therasauna Classic

This chart shows some of the differences of Therasauna vs Therasauna Classic and some no-name infrared brands.

 Therasauna Comparison Chart



TheraSauna® Classic

The Competitors

Made in the USA

Handcrafted in Iowa
US Made Controls

Assembled in Iowa
US Made Controls

 Made in China

Color/Finish Options

  Natural Aspen Finish or Warm Mahagony Finish

  Natural Hemlock with Clear Finish

Clear or Stained Wood





Hand Finished




Furniture Grade Wood

  Grade #1 Clear Aspen Hardwood

  Grade #1 Clear Hemlock Wood

  Poor Grade Cedar, Poplar, or Hemlock

Wood Type

  Aspen Hardwood


  Cedar, Poplar, Hemlock, etc.


  Reversible (Flat or Curved), Heavy-Duty Bench Seating

  Comfortable Flat Bench Seating

  Lightweight, Flat Bench Only


  Built-In, Curved Backrest

  Built-In, Curved Backrest

  No Built-in Backrest

Control Features

  Patented MPS Touchview Control with Patented Stable Heat™ System

  4-Button Control with Patented Stable Heat™ System

  Limited Control with No Stable Heat™ System

Patented Stable Heat™ 

  Includes Patented Stable Heat™

   Includes Patented Stable Heat™ 


Patented 7 Day Programmable Control




Patented Micron Power Select™




Patented SpectraWave™ 




Heater Type

  Solid Ceramic TheraMitters™

  Solid Ceramic TheraMitters™

  (Primarily) Carbon Fiber

Glass Type

  Smoke Tempered Glass

  Smoke Tempered Glass

  Tempered Glass


  Specialized Bolt-Together Design

  Easy to Use, Snap-Together Buckles

  Buckles or Magnetic Fasteners (with magnetic- fields)

Interior Lighting

  Incandescent, Fully Dimmable Reading Light

  Multi-Color LED Light

  LED Light, Not Dimmable, On/Off Only

Exterior Lighting 

  Motion-Sensor Lighting on all Saunas

  Luminescent Exterior Lights

  Not Available on all Models

Chromotherapy Lighting

  Optional 15 Color Dimmable Chromotherapy Light (*FREE upgrade here at Hot Tub Outpost)

  Includes 7 Color Multi-functional Chromotherapy Light

  7 Color LED Light


Music is part of the Chromotherapy Light Bulb - Bluetooth (*FREE upgrade here at Hot Tub Outpost)


  Optional FM Radio/CD Player Stereo System

Ambient Sound Therapy

  Built-In to the MPS Control



Custom Built Saunas





  All saunas are 78" tall

  All saunas are 75" tall



  Limited Lifetime - 3 Yrs Controls

  Limited Lifetime - 3 Yrs. Controls

  1 Year Warranty

Available at:

  Hot Tub Outpost

  Hot Tub Outpost


Price Range

  $4,195 - $6,695

  $2,995 - $3,975

  $1,200 - $2,800

View Saunas

 See TheraSauna Here

  Therasauna Classic

See Entry Level Infrared Cabins Below

 * FREE upgrade on all mainline Therasauna infrared saunas purchased online at Hot Tub Outpost include:
FREE MPS Control System, FREE Chorotherapy Light Upgrade - bulb includes bluetooth sound.
Contact us for any other currently available perks or free accessories for Therasauna when purchasing Therasauna or Therasauna Classic.

Infrared Sauna Shootout:  Therasauna vs Healthmate - a video we found online expressing one person's opinion!

It seems the takeaway from this video of why this pharmacist switched from Healthmate to Therasauna is that he was impressed by the ceramic emitters vs. the metal rod emitters.

Further, he prefers the white aspen wood to the cedar to avoid the terpines in the cedar wood. 

This customer has enjoyed Therasauna for over 6 years and uses it to get that warm feeling in his system and for detox.  He maintains that his sniffles are cured after a few days of sauna use. 

The infrared sauna by Therasauna is part of his healthy living regiment.

Better Life vs ClearLight vs JNH SaunaBudget Infrared Sauna Comparison

Better Life vs JNH vs ClearLight Saunas Budget Lines

Sauna Better Life
JNH Lifestyles

Made in the USA

  no  no  no
Wood Type
 Natural Hemlock  Hemlock


Heater Type  Carbon Tech
 Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
Stnndard Light  LED  LED Halogen
Controls  Digital Thermostat  Digital Thermostat  Digital Thermostat
Assembly   Bolt-Together Design
S nap-Together Buckles  Bolt-Together Design
Chromotherapy Lighting  7 Color Chromotherapy Light  LED standard - Color Optional
Multi Color Light
Stereo System  Amp, speakers, MP3 Aux - no stereo
 Amp, speakers, MP3 Aux - no stereo AM/FM/CD, speakers and MP3 Jack
Height  75" or 77" tall   75" tall 76.5" tall

 See the Better Life Saunas here:

See Better Life Saunas

 See the JNH Sauna here:See JNH infrared sauna  See the ClearLight Sauna here:See ClearLight sauna here

Available through:

  Hot Tub Outpost

  Hot Tub Outpost

Hot Tub Outpost

Price Range

  $1,150 - $2,200

  $1,099 +

  $2,300 +

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From the premium Therasauna and Therasauna Classic saunas to the budget units starting at about $1,000, you can find the infrared sauna that is right for you and your budget here at Hot Tub Outpost.

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