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Infrared Saunas - Is There Really A Difference Between FIR Sauna Brands?

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Many people wonder if there is a difference between infrared saunas - other than price.  

After all, the benefits of infrared are well known and documented. 

Wouldn't it be best to simply save money and get the cheapest sauna that has infrared in it? 

Well, you could make the same argument for cars. Why pay for a Cadillac if a Chevrolet will also get you there? (nothing personal, "Chevy"

If you are looking for top of the line, the undisputed contender would be the TheraSauna. This is the only FAR infrared sauna that has patented technology for its proprietary and patented control system that increases therapeutic accuracy (which other manufacturers are not allowed to copy). 

It is also the only infrared sauna that is built in the U.S. with all American components. Most of the other infrared saunas on the market come either all or in part from China or Korea.

Therasauna on sale at Hot Tub Outpost

The human body produces infrared heat and infrared waves in the 9.4 micron range. Infrared heat is used to warm babies in incubators and infrared heat lamps help stimulate the immune system.Wein's principal shows a connection between temperature and wave length on the infrared spectrum.

Basically, if you can keep the emitters in the sauna to 100 degrees, then the wave length will be around 9-9.4 microns.The technology used in TheraSauna increases the therapeutic accuracy of the infrared emissions to keep it close to this 9.4 micron range at all times.

This is done through their computer technology and top quality emitters.The electric flow into the emitters is regulated by the control panel, which can scale back or modulate the variance in temperature to keep it close to the optimal output.

The Thera Sauna technology allows the infrared emitters to maintain a full spectrum and stay near the optimal 9.4 output - regardless of the temperature. 

Infrared Sauna Reviews

This is a big bonus for people who are not able to withstand high temperatures.The bottom line is - you get more beneficial infrared heat - in the optimum range of the spectrum - then you can with any other infrared sauna.

In addition, the TheraSauna is a heavy, solid, well built sauna - made of the highest grade and cut of Aspen wood. The reversible bench alone nearly weighs as much as some of the cheap saunas on the market! Most other infrared saunas are lower tiered construction and built overseas with varying degrees of technological efficiency, so they are cheaper to produce.

Thera Sauna now offers a Classic model - built with tier 2 construction, but still offers their patented infrared technology. In order to bring down the price of the Classic line, it does not use Aspen wood, which lowers the cost from the top of the line Therasauna models.Think of the Classic as a base model Cadillac without all the bells and whistles.

For an impartial, professional review of TheraSauna by a 'Health Hacker" - view this Youtube video:

You can also view some Therasauna testimonials from actual owners and users in this video:

Hot Tub Outpost carries the full line of TheraSaunas at the best prices, plus we throw in free shipping to anywhere in the continenal U.S.A.. For a limited time, you will also get a free MPS Touchview control upgrade and free Chromotherapy LED Lighting with your Therasauna purchase from Hot Tub Outpost.

We also carry the Better Life Infrared Saunas for those of you that are not into 'Cadillac's'. These are also quality infrared saunas - comparable to most on the market - but at an economical price.

The best part about infrared saunas is they do not require any special construction or installation, and they are generally ready to use within 5-10 minutes.

Learn more about the health benefits of infrared saunas, or see our complete line of FAR Infrared saunas.

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