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Pleatco Spa Filter Wash Cartridge Cleaning Tablet

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1tablet cleans 2 cartridgescurrently unavailable, see Aqufinesse tablets 956316

FilterWash by Pleatco is an easy to use cleaning tablet made especially for cleaning hot tub filter cartridges. This product is a tablet that fizzes and deeply cleans any reusable filter cartridge and remove the accumulated materials such as suntan lotion and oils, body oil, grease, dirt, soap scum and other organics in about 20 minutes.

This item is one cleaning tablet good for cleaning 1-2 cartridges.

100% Environmentally Friendly!  Fast acting fizz tablet.  No measuring - no messy chemicals.  Safe and easy to use. Easy on the filtration fabric media.

This thorough filter cartridge cleaning action allows pleated filters of any brand to return to a high level of original performance without harming the filter.

Unlike other cleaning agents, FilterWash™ comes in individual formulas - one is for pools and this one is for spas.

filterwash tabs

Scientifically engineered for each environment, Works easily and effectively at restoring filter pleats so they can filter out particulates from your spa water again.

filter wash cleaner
Gets filters clean!

filter-wash instructions spa




Item is for 1x individually wrapped cleaning tablet.


FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions:

My filter is heavily covered with dirt and stuff; do I need to rinse it first before treatment? Yes always rinse off the debris with a hose first and then carry out the cleaning process according to instructions.

Can I only use FilterWash on Pleatco filter cartridges? FilterWash™ cleans any reusable filter cartridge regardless of make or model.

Should I use cold or hot water? FilterWash is optimized to work at tap water temperature. Warm water can slightly speed up the cleaning action in controlled environments.

The tablet is not dissolving completely? FilterWash tablets are fizz soluble and therefore need some time to dissolve. You can speed this process up by stirring the water to dissolve the tablet quicker.

Can I soak overnight? For best (maximum) results soak for 25-30 minutes. However, although not required, if left to soak for long periods of time, the cartridge will not be damaged by the solution.
   Alternatively, you can use an overnight filter soak solution.

 How long can I keep the solution once the tab is dissolved? Once the FilterWash tablet is activated IN WATER a cartridge should be placed in the solution within 20 minutes. After cleaning the water can be safely discarded.

Can I clean one cartridge and save the solution until I need to clean it again? No. Once you have used the FilterWash tablet solution you should not save it for use at a later date.

How long can I keep a tablet? FilterWash tablets are long lasting; as long as the seal is intact and tablet is kept dry there is no expiration date.

Why is the cartridge not white after cleaning? White does not indicate clean - Filter wash does not use bleaching agents - Bleaching agents can damage the filtration fabric and tends to affect the color of the cartridge and do little to actually clean the media. FilterWash releases the bio film that holds the dirt and oils in the media. Releasing the film release the dirt reopening the media. Naturally, the filtration fabric may adopt discoloration over time; however FilterWash’s thorough cleaning allows cartridges to return to a high level of original performance without harming or discoloring the filter.

Can I use the pool Filter Wash to clean spa cartridges? Not recommended, FilterWash is scientifically engineered for each environment for maximum performance. However using FilterWash POOL tablets will not damage a spa cartridge and vice versa.  Got a pool cartridge filter? Use the Pool FilterWash.

Can I use Filter Wash on my DE grids? Yes. The FilterWash POOL tablet can be used on up to 5 grids after they have been rinsed off.

Can I use one FilterWash Pool tablets instead of two Filter Wash Spa tablets? We do not recommend this. FilterWash™ comes in individual formulas - one for pools and one for spas, scientifically engineered for each environment.

How often should I clean my pool cartridge? A good rule of thumb is when the pressure on your tank rises 8 to 10 PSI above its starting pressure when the new cartridge was installed. For pools we recommend asking your local service technician for advice or to undertake the regular maintenance for you.

How often should I clean my spa cartridge? Most spa manufacturers recommend once a month. With heavy use 2 weeks. It is always a good practice to clean after heavy use such as a party. Pleatco FilterWash’s thorough cleaning allows cartridges to return to a high level of original performance without harming the filter providing longer product life as well.

 The top of my filter looks bleached and faded was this due to the FilterWash? No. FilterWash does not contain bleaching agents and has no affect on the end caps. This is caused by chlorine and cyanuric acid and other chemicals added to the pool. This can also be an indication of an old filter cartridge that needs to be replaced. Consult your dealer or service technician as it may be time to replace the filter.

Can I safely throw out the water after using FilterWash? Yes, FilterWash is environmentally friendly and the water can be safely discarded after use.

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