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Pressure Switch 34-0153 HydroQuip 25 Amp Metal Wheel

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Pressure Switch 34-0153 HydroQuip 25 Amp Metal Wheel

,25 Amp, Metal, Wheel

Pressure Switch 120V, 3AMP, 2PSI, BWG (adjustable)

Pressure switch by HydroQuip. Adjustable with 1/8" thread. Replaces 3158-EN.

Need teflon tape? Best to wrap the threads of the pressure switch with teflon tape to assure a good seal at the pressure switch tap on the heater manifold.

 Pressure Switch Mounting Instructions

Use 2-3 wraps of teflon tape in a clock-wise direction.

Remove the plug or any debris from the pre-threaded mounting hole in the heater housing.

Carefully and slowly begin threading the pressure switch into the hole assuring the switch is going in straight and not cross-threaded.

Continue threading the switch into the heater until lightly snug and terminals are aligned as desired.  Approx. 3-4 threads will be left showing.


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