VS500-Z Spa Pack 54216-Z with 5.5kW Heater Topside and Cords VS500Z

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54216-Z Spa pack is a VS500Z control system with topside control panel and cords.

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This complete spa control system Bundle from Balboa operates at universal voltage - either 115V or 230V.

Complete with 5.5KW Heater and a 3 button duplex control panel with Pump 1,Ozonator and Light buttons.


  • 54105 Lite Duplex Digital LED Topside control panel
  • 11109 Adapter Plate
  • Cords for:Pump 1, Ozone, Light

vs500z topside control
Topside Control panel 54105 included has phone style plug.  Also included is the mounting template in case a larger hole in the shell is being covered by the new control panel.


  • 115/230v Pump 1 circuit
  • 115/230v Ozone circuit
  • 115/230v Circulation Pump circuit (30GPM minimum)
  • 1.4/5.5kW heater
  • 12v spa light circuit
  • Patented M7™ technology for reliable and safe heating
  • Plumb on pressure or vacuum side
Height Width Depth
10-9/16" 12-1/4" 4-1/2"

Replacement Option for: 54216 and 54216-Z

VS500-Z Spa Pack 54216-Z with 5.5kW Heater Topside and Cords VS500Z

Number Of Pumps 1
Pump #1 2-speed Pump 115v/230v
Manufacturer Balboa Water Group
Model VS500
Heater Type M7 5.5kw bottom mount
Heater Wattage 1.375kW/5.5kW
Circ Pump Ready Yes 115v/230v
Supply Voltage 115v/230v
Topside Included Lite Duplex Digital 3 Button
Auxiliary Topside Ready Yes
Fiber Optic No
Accessory Ready Yes
Wi-Fi Compatible No
50/60 HZ 60Hz for North America
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