VS500-Z Spa Pack 54216-Z with 5.5kW Heater Topside and Cords VS500Z

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54216-Z Spa pack is now a VS501Z 2 circuit spa pack that replaces the discontinued single circuit VS500Zspa pack.

This control system includes the 4 button topside control panel with new multi button overlay that works for several different applications and cords.

Free shipping in the continental USA.

This complete spa control system Bundle from Balboa operates at universal voltage - either 115V or 230V.

Complete with 5.5KW Heater and a 3 button duplex control panel with Pump 1,Ozonator and Light buttons.


  • 54105 Lite Duplex Digital LED Topside control panel
  • 11109 Adapter Plate
  • Cords for:Pump 1, Ozone, Light

vs500z topside control
Topside Control panel 54105 included has phone style plug.  Also included is the mounting template in case a larger hole in the shell is being covered by the new control panel.


  • 115/230v Pump 1 circuit
  • Now includes Pump 2 circuit (1-speed)
  • 115/230v Ozone circuit
  • 115/230v Circulation Pump circuit (30GPM minimum)
  • 1.4/5.5kW heater
  • 12v spa light circuit
  • Patented M7™ technology for reliable and safe heating
  • Plumb on pressure or vacuum side
Height Width Depth
10-9/16" 12-1/4" 4-1/2"

Replacement Option for: 54216 and 54216-Z

VS500-Z Spa Pack 54216-Z with Heater Topside and Cords VS500Z

Number Of Pumps 1
Pump #1 2-speed Pump 115v/230v
Manufacturer Balboa Water Group
Model VS500 now VS501Z
Heater Type M7 5.5kw bottom mount
Heater Wattage 1.375kW/5.5kW
Circ Pump Ready Yes 115v/230v
Supply Voltage 115v/230v
Topside Included Lite Duplex Digital 3 Button or 4 Button
Auxiliary Topside Ready Yes
Fiber Optic No
Accessory Ready Yes
Wi-Fi Compatible No
50/60 HZ 60Hz for North America


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