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5 Buck Sale Hot Tub Outpost Parts and Accessories

5 buck sale on hot tub parts and supplies

fragrances hot tub outpost saleIt's that time of year and the 5 Buck Sale is on again!

Get a flat price of 5 bucks on the following fragrances and other items in our store for a limited time.  Yep, there they are again - one...two...three....four....five bucks!

5 BUCK Spa Fragrances

Crystal Fragrance (with same popular scents as the liquids).

Crystals are so easy to add to any hot tub or even jetted bath.  Formulated especially for spas.


5 BUCK Hot Tubs



Add these select $5 items to your basket to get over the $95 free shipping amount - then your whole order ships free!  
"No tax neither!"  (except for TX).

There are many items on our site for even less than 5 bucks like:

Replacement white light bulb for spas

Visit the PVC Plumbing shoppe for great prices on hot tub PVC repair parts.

Thanks for visiting our Five Buck Sale!
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