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air shipping parts europeeurope flagHello, Hallo, Hallå, Hola, Salut, Gruess Gott, Ciao, Ahoj, Bog, Udvozlom, Czesc, Hej and YAH sahs!

Yes, we are glad to ship American spa parts to Europe by DHL, UPS, FedEx or other shipping service.  Contact us for a custom quote.

Don't need it fast and want a lower price? We now offer carrier pigeon, stork, pterodactyl and USPS (United States Postal Service). Well, it's not that bad. We'll stand in line at the post office for you so you can save, sometimes hundreds of dollars over UPS or DHL.

To get the USPS shipping cost, just enter all your items in the shopping cart and you will see your shipping cost at checkout automatically (USPS only). 

For the more expensive but faster DHL/UPS courier service, contact us at for a shipping quote.

Hot Tub Outpost now ships to Europe

We will ship your package to anywhere in Europe by USPS and also by DHL, UPS or FedEx if needed.
Complete the export request form below if you want courier service and we will confirm the shipping cost and details with you.
Minimum Order: $50 if requesting courier service - although USPS International is usually the more inexpensive way to ship to Europe.

shipping dhl ups

Shipping by DHL, UPS or FedEx  can be quite expensive, but at least the Euro Dollar is still above par so you get more dollars for your Euro and other European currency. The credit card company or paypal will do the exchange for you.

Shipping by USPS
Now the good old post office will get the package to you as well, although sometimes it takes a little longer that way (See pterodactyl above) - but on the bright side, you get your parts for a much lower shipping cost - so we are glad to ship USPS for you.  Just proceed to checkout and you will see the USPS cost automatically.

Q: What happens after I send you an email or form request for hot tub parts to be shipped to Europe?
A: We send you back by email the correct part number including some 50hz/230v parts you may need.  Be careful when ordering electrical components/pumps etc.. as you may need export model/50hz equipment (which we also may provide).

europe spa partsSpa Pumps and Equipment - 230v, 50hz
Yes, we can get you the export model of most hot tub spa parts for 230v/50hz operation.  Just let us know what you need. If you need to send pictures, email us. Overseas pumps and electronics can have different part numbers than domestic version of the same part.

Please note we cannot ship chemicals and other prohibited or bulky items such as saunas, spa covers, spas or other items over the USPS weight limit internationally.

USPS Shipping Limitations

This amount you see covers shipping, packaging, handling and manual processing of your pre-selected Hot Tub Outpost order by United States Postal Service.

Add all your items to your shopping cart and when you go to checkout, you will see the shipping cost.

Please note that shipping and handling cost does not include any duty, taxes or customs clearance fees levied on arrival of international packages.

Email with any questions.

Shipping Service: USPS Document Preparation Included:  Customs Form PS Form 2976-B (2976-E) and commercial invoice.

Please allow 3-5 days for handling, package preparation and shipping.  Transit time is usually about 5 days with Priority Mail Express Int. to most central destinations in Europe.

Package size limit: Maximum length 60" and max. length plus girth combined not to exceed 108".

What about Big Stuff like Saunas and Hot Tubs?
European Hot Tubs and Sauna - Export Models 230v/50hz

If you need a hot tub, sauna or other large item, we can accommodate you on one of our overseas containers, but the lead time on such items can be 3-5 months depending on when the next container is scheduled to sail.  We can offer you delivery on any export model spa or hot tub to your curbside anywhere in the U.K or continental Europe. Contact us for export model pricing.

We also offer wholesale cartridge filters in case quantities/bulk and other quantity related wholesale spa parts items in cases and cartons as we are a master distributor for many major brands.

Just complete the form below as to what you need and we will get back to you by email with the details.

Thanks for visiting Hot Tub Outpost U.S.A., your online source for American spas, spa parts and accessories.

Include FORM or EMAIL Details:
Enter your email address (for our response) and any information in the details box including part number(s), description.  It is important to include your name, email address, TOWN and POSTAL CODE so we can provide you with a UPS/DHL shipping quote.  If you have a preferred shipper (DHL, UPS,FedEx), please specify. Do you want it FAST? (more expensive) or do you have TIME? (cheaper). We do both!  If you have a little time (sometimes you will get the order in about 10-14 days) try standard checkout and select USPS international shipping option - it really is usually at least 1/2 price or less from courier service. So why pay more with couriers when you can use USPS International Priority shipping method and save.  Note: shipping cost does not include any customs duty, broker fees or taxes as levied upon import to your country.  You will be billed directly for these additional costs by the carrier.

If you are looking for a particular part,  send any images seperately to If you send images the same day and include your name in the email, we will combine that with your inquiry below - or just write it all in the email.