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Aqua Comb Spa Filter Cleaner Gray

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The spa aqua comb is ideal for cleaning hot tub filters. Get trapped dirt out of filter pleats with this ingenious comb design.  If gray is not available then the green comb will be shipped.

Fully clean spa filters with a powerful water spray.

Aqua comb spa provides a 3 inch wide spray to loosen and remove trapped particles from filter cartridges.

The pic-comb spreads out and opens pleats for bio-materials, debris and even trapped oils to be washed away.

We also offer the larger blue comb more suited to larger pool cartridge filters.

The new Aqua combs may be either green or gray in color and are used to clean spa filter cartridges.

Made in the U.S.A. for long life.

Comes with standard 3/4" threaded nut for connecting to your garden hose.

"A filter cleaner with a water spray is not enough. The Aqua Comb adds the mechanical scrubbing action along with a filter cleaner that completes the full cleaning process."

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