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Aqua-Flo XP2 Pump Union 52272000 2 Inch Slip wTailpiece Oring Set of 2

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  • 52272000
  • Aqua-Flo XP2 Pump Union 2 Inch Slip with Tailpiece and Oring Set of 2
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Pump Union: 2” Slip (Set of 2) by AquaFlo.

This set includes both union nuts, buttress thread connectors with 2 inch slip connections and the o-rings. 

This also replaces part 52202000 and includes the 2 inch slip pump union, tailpiece and o-ring. This is a set of 2 for a total of 6 parts.


Need just the o-ring? See O-43.


1a Pump Union, AquaFlo, 1-1/2"fbt x 1-1/2"s, qty 2 52271000
1b Pump Union, 2"fbt x 2"s, w/adapter 52202100
1c Pump Union, 2"Female Buttress Threadx2" Slip, wht Quantity 2 52272000
3a Volute, Gecko AquaFlo FMCP/TMCP 92770603
3b Volute, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMVP 92770501
5 Impeller, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMCP/TMCP, 0.5 Horsepower 91693501
5 Impeller,Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMCP/TMCP/FMVP, 0.75ohp/1.0thp 91693551
5 Impeller,Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMCP/TMCP/FMVP, 1.0ohp/1.5thp 91693601
5 Impeller,Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMCP/TMCP, 1.5ohp/2.0thp 91693651
5 Impeller,Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMCP/TMCP, 2.0ohp/3.0thp 91693701
6a O-Ring, Buna-N, 5-1/8" ID, 1/8" Cross Section, Generic O-228
6b O-Ring, Buna-N, 4-3/4"ID, 3/32" CrossSection, Generic O-257
7 Wear Ring, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMCP/TMCP 92830062
8 Screw, Gecko AquaFlo, 8-32 x 5/8" 99730050
9 Faceplate, Gecko AquaFlo FMCP 91231402
9 Suction Cover Kit, Gecko FMCP/CMCP, 1-1/2", 48 Frame 56910040
9 Faceplate, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP 91231301
9 Suction Cover Kit, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/CMHP, 1-1/2" 56910010
10 O-Ring, Buna-N, 5/16" ID, 1/16" Cross Section, Generic O-446
11 Drain Plug, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP/FMCP/FMVP, 1/4" 92290015
12 Union Adapter, 2"mbt x 1-1/2"fbt, w/O-Ring 50100130
14 Adapter, 2" Slip, Pump Union 91431200
15 Union Nut, 2", Pump Union 91431150
16a Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMCP 0.5hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040830-000
16a Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMCP 0.75hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040800-000
16a Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMCP 1.0hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040810-000
16a Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMCP 1.5hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040820-000
16a Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMCP 2.0hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040840-000
16b Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP 0.5hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040680-000
16b Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP 0.75hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040690-000
16b Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP 1.0hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040700-000
16b Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP 1.5hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040720-000
16b Wet End, Gecko AquaFlo FMHP 2.0hp 1-1/2"mbt 48fr 91040730-000
18a Pump, Dream Maker Gecko, 1.5hp, 115v, 1-Speed 03510632-5000
18a Pump,Aqua Flo FMCP,0.75hp,115v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02607000-1010
18a Pump,Aqua Flo FMCP,1.0hp,115v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02610000-1010
18a Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP,1.0hp,230v,2-Spd, 48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02610001-5010
18a Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP,1.5hp,115v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02615000-1010
18a Pump,Aqua Flo FMCP,1.5hp,230v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02615005-1010
18a Pump,Aqua Flo FMCP,2.0hp,230v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02620000-1010
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 0.75SPL USMtr,115v, 1-Spd, 48fr, 1-1/2" 02507000-1010HZN
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 1.0hp Century, 115v, 1-Spd, 48fr,1-1/2" 02510000-1010HZW
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 1.5hp Century, Conv, 1-Spd, 1-1/2" 02515000-1010HZW
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 2.0hp Century, Conv, 1-Spd, 1-1/2" 02520000-1010HZ
18b Pump, AquaFlo FMCP, 0.75hp Century, 115v, 2-Spd, 48fr,1-1/2" 02607000-1010HZW
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 1.0hp Century, 115v, 2-Spd, 48fr,1-1/2" 02610000-1010HZW
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 1.5SPL USMtr,115v, 2-Spd, 48fr, 1-1/2" 02615000-1010HZN
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 1.5hp Century, 115v, 2-Spd, 48fr,1-1/2" 02615000-1010HZW
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 1.5hp Century, 230v, 2-Spd, 48fr,1-1/2" 02615005-1010HZW
18b Pump, Aqua Flo FMCP, 2.0hp Century, 230v, 2-Spd, 48fr,1-1/2" 02620000-1010HZW
19a Pump,Aqua Flo FMHP,0.75hp,115v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02107000-1010
19a Pump, AquaFlo FMHP,1.0hp,115v,1-Spd, 48fr, 1.5", OEM 02010000-1010
19a Pump, Aqua Flo FMHP,1.0hp,115v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02110000-1010
19a Pump,Aqua Flo FMHP,1.0hp,230v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02110005-1010
19a Pump,Aqua Flo FMHP,1.5hp,115v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02115000-1010
19a Pump, Aqua Flo FMHP, 1.5hp, 230v, 2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2", OEM 02115005-1010
19a Pump,Aqua Flo FMHP,2.0hp,230v,1-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02020000-1010
19a Pump,Aqua Flo FMHP,2.0hp,230v,2-Spd,48fr,1-1/2",OEM 02120000-1010
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