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AquaNova Maax Coleman UV Ozone Sanitizer 120V 110478

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Maax Coleman Vita spa ozone generator by AquaNova is a uv/ozone generator combined.

This is a 120 volt UV plus ozone spa sanitizer by Aquanova for Maax Coleman spas.  6ft. cord. Includes built-in replaceable UV bulb. 

We also offer the 230 volt version. Check the voltage of the unit needed to be sure you order the correct one.

With the unique combination of ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies, AQUANOVA is the ultimate ozonator for sanitizing hot tub water.

Providing the water quality and spa care one could expect from chlorine/salt water systems, AQUANOVA has more sanitizing power, better reliability, and less bother,all while significantly reducing residual chlorine consumption to deliver the most advanced sanitation potential for spas.

Spa filter cartridges are the first line of defense and filter out the larger particulates and debris down to about 40 microns, but filters are not designed to remove micro-organisms like E-Coli, Noro Virus, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.
In order to protect you and your loved ones from micro-organisms, this hi-flow UVC system is used in spas. This is the same technology used worldwide to purify drinking water.


For bodies of water up to 5,000 gallons (20,000 ltrs).

Flow rate: will vary with installation: 4—12 GPM (15LPM—45LPM).

Ozone output: 80mg/hr.

UV: 254 nanometers

Power requirements: North America: 120V | 300mA | 22 Watts / 240V | 240mA | 23 Watts

                                       Europe: 230V | 240mA | 23 Watts

This unit kills 99.9% of these micro-organisms and then passes them through an ozonator that oxidizes and burns them off resulting in a clean safe spa experience.

"Scientists conducted an experiment to determine if using UV and ozone together results in better bacterial reduction than UV or ozone alone. Scientists have found that the amount of UV & ozone needed to complete this task was far less when used together, than when used alone."



Install AquaNova® after all other equipment and as high as possible. 

AquaNova Maax Coleman UV Ozone Sanitizer 110249

AquaNova Maax Coleman UV Ozone Sanitizer 110249


Need a replacement bulb?  See 110477.


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