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Artesian Spas Pump Switch Platinum - Direct Flo System

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Artesian Spa pump switch Platinum is part of the Direct Flo System that allows for individual pump control.  This system was used in 2004 and 2005 model Artesian spas.

You may also need the 1 button Topside Control overlay graphic for this button (sold separately).

This system incorporates smaller switchless motors in therapy seats and also offers variable flow control and this electronic on-off pump switch.

DirectFlow Control System - Artesian Spas

Each therapy station has it's own small pump.

Most spas only allow for turning on the whole spa at once, or at best half of the spa.  This system allows for individual seats to be controlled by individual pump switches/buttons. This is one of those switches. Get the matching overlay sticker and have your replacement pump switch shipped to you by Hot Tub Outpost.

The smaller pumps that use the DirectFlow system use less energy than larger pumps found in traditional spas.  These pumps are so close to the therapy seat, they benefit from smaller and shorter plumbing without sending the water through a diverter valve.  Instead the water goes right to the Helix spa jets.


The Ultimax switchless motors do not use a mechanical switch so efficiency is better.

The  DIRECTFLOW™ system combines with variable flow control for individual seat massage.

Air Control - Air Pressure Adjustment - Get the Helix GG deluxe air control rocker here.
Pump Switch (this part) - Turn Individual Seat Pump On/Off  (overlay sold seperately)
Variable Flow Control - High or Low Jets Pressure

This system used in select Platinum and Platinum Elite Artesian spa models.

Item discontinued


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Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Warranty. Control panels are not returnable as they cannot be resold as new. This means you will receive a brand new, never before installed topside control panel with full manufacturer's warranty. Contact us if you need assistance finding the right control panel for your spa.
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