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Artesian Spas Filter Open Top Nature 2 Qualiflo 06-0052-12

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  • Artesian Spas Filter Open Top Nature 2 Qualiflo 06-0052-12
  • Artesian Spas Filter Open Top Nature 2 Qualiflo 06-0052-12
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Artesian spa replacement filter 06-0052-12 is the new replacement for  06-0055-12 and is the current model Artesian spa replacement part.

This is the Artesian spa replacement filter for the old purple filter.

  • 7 inches long
  • 6 inches wide
  • 2 inch MPT threaded connection
  • Open Top to accommodate nature 2 mineral stick
  • Original Artesian Spa Part 06-0052-12

This filter is used in Antigua 43 and other Island spas along with 06-0005-12 blue closed top with handle 50 sqft filter.

Note that the Nature 2 mineral cartridge fits inside this filter along with the Nature 2 filter cap which is threaded to accept the threaded mineral stick as used on the old style open top filter.

Now shipping the original open top filter in place of the discontinued Pleatco filter.  This style filter is the only open top filter for the mineral stick that is available.

If using 2 filters side by side, use 1x of these open top 06-0052-12 or a closed top smaller PAS40 replacement filters plus a slightly larger 06-0005-12 filter as the other, closed top larger filter.  Thread size on bottom is the same.

If not using the Artesian Spa Thread-In mineral stick with the mineral stick holder that fits in the open top, can use the closed top PAS40 filter instead as well.

Brand new current model Artesian Spa filter.  Whether you order by this new model number, or by the old 06-0055-12 model number, you will receive this new model filter with open top.

Also see our other closed top 50 sqft filter that goes with this open top one as a set in select Artesian spas.

*Note, the new filters  are no longer with purple color end caps, the end caps are now blue.

The open top allows for use of the thread-in mineral stick op96-0017-00p

Or can also use the Frog Stick 1143712 inside the filter compartment instead of the frog stick that attaches to the open top adapter.


Threaded connection that is on bottom is 2 inch MPT.

purple filter artesianReplaces the old 0055 model that was purple. The new filter is now blue

This filter with open top (below) is sometimes part of the set along with the 06-0005-12 filter (shown on right) that has the top handle.


 Original replacement Artesian Spa filters with open top to accommodate Nature II Artesian Mineral stick and filter cap.

 Replaces Pleatco pas28, pas28-f2l-b12

Open top filter is same as the 0055 purple filter

When you order this item you will receive the currently supplied open top filter that fits Artesian Spas and can also accommodate the thread-in mineral stick.


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