Baja Spa Jets

baja spas hot tubReplacement jets for Baja spas include the Waterway collection and HydroAir Collection.

micro blaster jet

See the current HydroAir and Baja Spa jets.

Jets for 1995 and older Baja Spas
0210303 Black
0210302 Gray
0210103 Black Luxury Jet directional complete
0210102 Gray Luxury Jet directional complete
0210200 Black
0210202 Gray
0210126 Black
0210125 Gray
0210121 Black
0210120 Gray
0210152 Black
0210153 Gray
black luxury jet baja0210155 Black Luxury directional jet insert - 3 1/2 inch jet face diameter (pictured on right)
0210154 Gray Luxury directional jet insert
0210150 Black
0210156 Gray
0210157 Black
0210158 Gray
0210159 Black
0210160 Gray
0210112 Trim Deco Ring jet part

baja spas green1996 to Current Baja Spas

0210304 Diverter Jet complete in black
0210306 DiverterJet barrel with deco ring and black jet face
0210310 DiverterJet barrel with deco ring and gray jet face
0210307 DiverterJet body assembly with gray barrel
0210308 DiverterJet flange
0210309 Diverter Jet gasket

See our Waterway jets for replacement jet inserts including Mini Storm and Cluster Storm jets.

We also offer the Hydro-Air jets including Micro Magna.

There are so many Baja spa jets too numerous to list.

For replacement jets, email a picture and/or diagonal face measurement to and we will help you identify the correct replacement jet and send you the link to order along with pricing.