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Black Long Wrap Around Pillow 31 Inch QCA Spas 25708-304-000

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25708-304, FW11003
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  • 32" long wraparound pillow for QCA Spas.  Measure your pillow to be sure you order the correct replacement pillows as there can be several different types of spa pillows used in any model hot tub.
  • QCA spa pillows
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wrap pillow angle viewBlack Long Wrap Around Pillow model 25708-304-000 is about 31" in length and fits newer QCA Spa models in the Paradise Series and Majestic Series spas among others.
This wrap-around pillow type provides comfort while sitting in the hydrotherapy seat.

Dimensions:  31" x 4"

back pins wrap
There are 3 pins on the back.  The two outer pins begin 3 inches in from edge of pillow. The distance between the outer pins and the center pin is 13 inches.

pillow wrap back

Back and front view of this authentic, 3 pin long wrap pillow.

wrap long pillow
The length of the pillow of 31-32 inches is measured with cloth tape measure touching the front of pillow all the way across as if pillow was laying flat.  If measured across diagonal, it will be less.

Spa wrap pillow model 25708-304-000 used in QCA Spas, Four Winds hot tubs and by other hot tub manufacturers.

Hot Tub Outpost carries all factory original QCA Spa pillows at online discount prices.

Large Spa Pillow QCA

See all of our QCA Spa pillows.  This wrap pillow 25708-304-000 is the same as 25708-304

Pillows are not warranted by the manufacturer.  Observing proper water care, chemical use and keeping pH within the 7.2-7.6 range can extend the life of spa pillows.

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Warranty Information

Spa Pillows are not warranted by the manufacturer and consequently by Hot Tub Outpost in any way as they are subject to chemical exposure and wear. Maintaining water chemistry can prolong pillow life.
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