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Black Neck Pillow S011194BK Spa S-01-1194

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  • Neck jet pillow S011194BK
  • Collar Jet pillow for QCA Spas 25700-104-000
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collar pillow qcaspasBlack Neck Jet spa pillow S011194BK for hot tubs with 2 pins in back.

This Pillow is the 11" curved neck pillow as used in QCA Spas, Pacific Spas and other brand hot tubs.

neck collar pillow

There are 2 mounting pins on the back that fit into the mounting pin holders in the pillow area of your spa.

pillow pins numbers
2 Pillow pins on back - numbers on back of pillow may say 1194

Dimensions: 11" x 3 1/2"

pillow front view 25700 pillow

Also fits select Four Winds Spas, Strong Spas and other brand hot tubs.

collar pin distance
Distance between pins center to center is approximately 4 7/8 inches.

The collar jet seat usually has 2 adjustable neck jets mounted in the collar.  This pillow is for the seat with neck jets or collars that would accommodate neck jets if not available in that particular spa model.  

Sometimes numbers may be on back of pillow 25700.104.m-2 or other variation of 25700.

Original CMP QCA Spas Equipment - Collar Jet Pillow

See all of our QCA Spa pillows.

Get all your factory original QCA Spas pillows from Hot Tub Outpost USA.

Replaces Four Winds FW11000 CMP 25700-104 Echo Triangle pillow

pillow pins 2 on back

 Pillows are not warranted by the manufacturer.  Observing proper water care, chemical use and keeping pH within the 7.2-7.6 range can extend the life of spa pillows.

This pillow type CMP25700-104 also used by Strong Spas, Hydro Spa, Four Winds and other hot tub manufacturers.

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Warranty Information

Spa Pillows are not warranted by the manufacturer and consequently by Hot Tub Outpost in any way as they are subject to chemical exposure and wear. Maintaining water chemistry can prolong pillow life.
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