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BSP-200 Pump Seal 5/8 Shaft BUNA PS-200

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BSP-200/PS-200 spa pump seal for 5/8" shaft, BUNA.

This seal replaces 6500-281 and 844449 seals as well.  The material is made from buna graphite plastic and the outside diameter of the seal is 1 7/32" while the seal height is 13/16". The mating ring diameter is 1 1/4" and the mating ring thickness is 13/32".

This PS-200 type seal kit is used on Circ Master pumps by Aqua-Flo (both center and side discharge models), Sundance LX pumps and the following spa pump models:

StaRite Max-E-Glas/Dura-Glas Pumps
Pentair Sta-Rite SuperMax/SuperFlo Pumps
Letro Booster Pump - Old Style
Jacuzzi Brothers Cygnet Series
Jacuzzi J, JCM, K, KM Series Pumps
Jacuzzi L3 & L25 Model Pumps,Jacuzzi LH & LTH Model Pumps
Jacuzzi LPH,LPC, LTPH Model Pumps   
Jacuzzi LR,LR9, LR3, LR6 Model Pumps   
Jacuzzi LR,LR9, LR3, LR6, & LR25 Model Pumps   
Jacuzzi Magnum Force/Magnum Force 3 Canadian Model Pump   
Jacuzzi Piranha "A" Pump   
Jacuzzi Magnum High Flow Canadian Model Pump   
Jacuzzi SLPH & SLTPH Model Pumps   
Jacuzzi ULSB & ULSC Model Pumps   
TheraMax/TheraFlo Pump Components (1999+)   
Pentair PacFab Challenger High Flow In-Ground Pump   
Pentair PacFab Challenger High Pressure Pump   
Pentair PacFab Dynamo Pump   
Pentair PacFab Pinnacle High Flow Pump   
Pentair PacFab WaterFall Pump AFP75,120,150,180&AF75,120,180   
Waterway Viper 56-Frame 2-1/2" Spa Pump   
Val-Pak/Gecko AquaFlo Dominator Medium & High Head Pump   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master XP2 48-Frame   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master FMHP/FMCP Series Spa Pump   
Aqua Flo Tub-Master TMCP Series 100% Drain Bathtub Pump   
Aqua Flo Flo-Master FMVP Series Vertical Mounted Spa Pump   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master XP2 56-Frame, 6.1"   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master XP3 56-Frame Pump   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master XP2 56-Frame, 6.3" Diameter   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master XP2E 48-Frame   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master XP2E 56-Frame   
Gecko Aqua Flo Flo-Master XP 48-Frame   
Aqua Flo Circ-Master CMHP/MCP, Center and Side Discharge   
Vico Ultra Flo Pumps  

Also replaces part number USSPS-200 seal.

If you need this Buna/Carbon seal with a Lexan Cup, then get PS-2131.

We also offer the Viton seal in this size model PS-3867. This is the more robust viton seal for salt water and ozone systems commonly used in swimming pools with salt water systems.  This can be used in place of this PS-200 in all applications - it is just a more robust material (viton rubber components and a carbon retainer ring vs. standard rubber and phenolic plastic primer ring along with a ceramic seat). There is no downside to ordering the PS3867 - except the higher price.  They both fit these pumps listed here.

See our tips on replacing pump seals for more details.

us seal lubeIt is recommended to only use Sealube lubricant when replacing pump shaft seals (10ml. tube). This is a water-based formula designed to lubricate rubber and make the installation of mechanical seals easy. Don't use those silicone based lubes on the market, because if some of that gets on the seal face, it can be very difficult to remove. Why make your job harder? Use this tried and proven U.S. Sealube seal lubricant. It also extends seal longevity. Store in a cool dry place.

 This product is also used by aircraft and sailboat owners as well as by homeowners for other applications, but it is especially useful to use when installing new pool and spa pump seals. This product lubricates and protects.

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