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  • new Bugmitt
  • Ultra Mitt Bugmitt for spas.
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The Bugmitt provides an easy to use and wearable hot tub surface cleaning solution.  Every quarter or so you should drain and refill your spa.  At that time it is a good idea to give the inside of the spa a good wipe down. The new improved Bugmitt features an excellent cleaning surface to remove grime.

This Bugmitt scrubber mitt uses a light abrasive surface to remove even the most stubborn scum. (and it will get the spa shell clean too!)

Gets ride of slime and grime on the spa shell.  Bugmitt works on fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl and even tile.

This Ultra Mitt is the perfect accessory for maintaining your hot tub shell.

The Bugmitt cleaning glove is a convenient and ideal solution for cleaning hot tub acrylic surfaces. Wear this hot tub cleaning product to remove scum lines and dirt from acrylic, fiberglass, tile, vinyl and more.

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