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Canadian Spa Company has been doing business for over 30 years. Their North American head office is in Mississauga, Ontario, but they also have a U.S. office in New York and a European Head Office in the United Kingdom. They are an ISO 9001 company.

Canadian Spa Company sells their spas globally, as well as through many big box retailers in the USA. Their products include hot tubs, swim spas, portable plug and play spas and gazebos. Hot Tub Outpost carries spare parts, covers and accessories that fit Canadian Spa Company hot tubs and swim spas.  Of course you can always contact this fine company directly, but we do offer a wide variety of industry replacement parts that fit many of these models.  Need filters for your Canadian Spa? We offer a full line of Filbur, Pleatco and House brand cartridge filters.

vs systemWe carry a wide variety of Balboa spa packs and heaters including those in the VS series.

Need slice valves to replace a leaky service valve? We have those too!

m7 heater sensorWe offer a variety of sensors including the popular M7 style Balboa sensor that mounts directly into the heater tube (2 sensors that are the same).

Hot Tub Outpost is not affiliated with Canadian Spa Company, but offers compatible replacement spa parts, filters, accessories and covers that fit many Canadian Spa Models including those purchased through the large box stores such as Home Depot.

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canadian spa hot tubCanadian Spa Company has 4 portable, inflatable spas which can be plugged into any standard household outlet.. The Muskoka portable spa can be assembled in minutes. It is a 72" octagon shape with 6 massage seats and 130 jets.

The round Grand Rapids inflatable spa is a smaller 70" diameter and29" depth, with 88 jets and a vinyl liner with inflatable wall. The Rio Grand portable spa has the same size and jets as the Grand Rapids, but with an I-Beam structure, making it more rigid. The Swift Current portable spa fits 5 , has a foam lined wall for extra insulation and is 72" round.

Canadian Spa Company also has 4 plug and play spas that can be installed in any yard and plugged into a household socket. These spas offer more jet options, contoured seating, a hard top cover, water filtration system, Balboa controls and mood lighting. The Winnipeg hot tub has 35 stainless steel jets, a 2 speed x 2 horsepower pump and a 1.5 KW heater. It measures 79" square, has a lounger and room for up to 6 persons. The Quebec hot tub has a lounger and room for up to 4 adults in a 79" x 59" x 32" shell. It has 25 stainless steel jets, a 2 speed x 2 HP pump, an ozonator and LED mood lighting. The Yukon hot tub is a 2 person spa with 16 massage jets and a 2 HP pump. The Hamilton hot tub has 2 no-float lounge seats, 22 spa jets, a 2 KW heater, Balboa controls, a 3 HP pump and room for up to 5.

Canadian Spa Company also has a line of hot tubs that are 220 volt, so they offer more options but require electric installation. The Montreal hot tub is a spa for 3-4 persons, with 2 hydro massage seats, a no float lounger, filtration system, LED lights, MP3 sound system and 29 hydrotherapy jets. The Halifax hot tub measures 84" x 64" x 34", with room for up to 4, 35 jets, air controls and a sound system.   The Alberta hot tub is a large, 7 foot square tub with 5 seats, a lounger, 44 jets, foot massage, LED lighting and a sound system.   The Niagara Falls hot tub offers a lounge seat, room for 6-7 persons, 2 x 5 hp spa pumps, LED lights and 60 stainless steel jets. The Ottawa is a round hot tub with adjustable jets, room for 5-6 people, LED lighting and aromatherapy. The Thunder Bay hot tub features a lounger, 2 Captain's chairs, a sound system, LED lights, waterfall, ozone purification system and 2 spa pumps. The Toronto hot tub fits 5-6 persons in an 84" shell. It has 44 Hurricane jets, a no float lounge, aromatherapy canister, LED lights and waterproof speakers. The Vancouver hot tub has dual loungers, room for up to 5 persons, 60 jets and 2 x 5 HP pumps in a 90" square shell. The Victoria hot tub is an 87" square spa with open concept seating for up to 5 persons. It has volcano jets in the foot-well, 48 hydrotherapy massage jets, 12 skin therapy jets, a heated air blower, LED lights, waterfall and Balboa controls.

The Canadian Spa Company also manufactures 3 swim spas: the 13 foot St. Lawrence, the 16 foot St. Lawrence and the 20 foot St. Lawrence dual swim spa.


question answer hottubContact us at if you need assistance in finding the right spa part or accessory for your Canadian Spa hot tub - send details/part number/even a picture along with your request if you like. We know you'll want to get back to enjoying your Canadian Spa hot tub, so we'll get back to you quickly.





Hot Tub Outpost is an independent spa parts dealer and is not affiliated with Canadian Spa Company.