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Century Motor 1hp 115v 230v 1-Speed 56Jfr C-Face Thd ST1102

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Motor Century1.0hp115v 230v1-Speed56JfrC-Face Thd ST1102. CAT: ST1102, MODEL: C48L2N134C2, TYPE: UAC, FR: 56J, HP: 1, SF: 1.5, PH: 1, HZ: 60, RPM: 3450, ROT: CCWPE, VOLTS: 115/230 AMPS: MAX AMPS: 18.6/9.3, SF, AMPS: TIME: CONT, ENCL: THERMALLY PROTECTED CET40ABM, FORM: CODE: L, INSUL, CLASS: B, AMB.: 50 Replaces 14542 , 5222-0 , 620046 , 8128 , AOS-60-5064 , C1100 , E8128 , EST1102.


2 Trap Lid, Jacuzzi Magnum, R, P 39-2579-02-R
3 Basket, Pump, Jacuzzi P/PC/UP Series B-184
4 Square Ring, Buna-N, 6-1/4" ID, 6-1/2" OD, Generic, O-332 O-332
7 Drain Plug, Jacuzzi, with O-Ring, Quantity 2 31-1609-06R2
9 Square Ring, Jacuzzi RC, Volute, O-264 47-0466-02-R
10 Nut, Jacuzzi P, R, PH, Volute, 1/4-20 14-0725-24-R
11 Washer, Jacuzzi P, R, PH, Volute,1/4" x 5/8" x 3/32",qty 16 14-0877-04-R
14 Square Ring, Jacuzzi PH/UPH/P/PC/EP, Diffuser 47-0462-06-R
14 Square Ring, Diffuser, Jacuzzi ERC/PH/RC, G-316, Generic G-316
15 Impeller Kit, Jacuzzi Magnum HF, P, R, 1.0hp 05-3802-09-R
15 Impeller Kit Jacuzzi P, EP, PH, 0.5hp 05380605K
15 Impeller Kit, Jacuzzi P, PH, 0.5hp 24-0108-03-K
15 Impeller Kit, Jacuzzi P, PH, 0.75hp 05380100K
15 Impeller Kit, Jacuzzi P, PH, 1.0hp 05380209K
15 Impeller Kit, Jacuzzi P, PH, 1.5hp 05380308K
15 Impeller Kit, Jacuzzi P, PH, 2.0hp 05380407K
15 Impeller Kit, Jacuzzi P, PH, 3.0hp 05380506K
16 Diffuser, Jacuzzi Magnum, R, P, 0.75thp All Date Codes 06-0157-05-R
16 Diffuser, Jacuzzi/Calvin EP series, 1.5hp 06-0163-07-R
16 Diffuser, Jacuzzi Magnum High Flow, 3.0hp 06-0164-06-R
17 Wear Ring, Jacuzzi, Various Pumps, 0.5thp-3.0thp, All Dates 10-1462-07-R
17 Wear Ring,Jacuzzi,Ring-Lok/RC Models,High Flow,1.5hp/2.0hp 10-1464-13-R
17 Wear Ring, Jacuzzi, Various Pumps, 4.0thp-5.0thp, All Dates 10-1463-14-R
18 Impeller,Jacuzzi Magnum, 0.5ohp/0.75thp, All Date Codes 05-3800-01-R
18 Impeller, Jacuzzi Magnum HF, P, R, 0.75 Horsepower 05-3801-00-R
18 Impeller, Jacuzzi Magnum HF, P, R, 1.5 Horsepower 05-3803-08-R
18 Impeller, Jacuzzi Magnum HF, P, R, 2.0 Horsepower, Pre 1990 05-3804-07-R
18 Impeller, Jacuzzi Magnum High Flow, P, R, 3.0 Horsepower 05-3805-06-R
18 Impeller, Jacuzzi Magnum HF, P, R, 0.5 Horsepower 05-3806-05-R
19 Shaft Seal, Jacuzzi P/PC/EP, 3/4" 10139020R
20 Seal Plate, Jacuzzi P, PH, R, RC, 0.5-1.0hp 02-1389-07-R
20 Seal Plate, Jacuzzi P, PH, R, RC, 1.5-2.0hp 02135101R
21 Bolt, Jacuzzi, 3/8-16 x 3/4" 14129225R
23 Hardware Kit, Jacuzzi RC, Pump Stand 14-0732-33-R2
25 O-Ring, Buna-N, 5" ID, 3/16" Cross Section, Generic O-278
26 Basket, Pump, OEM Jacuzzi/Carvin L P PC EP SLPH SLTPH 16-0729-02-R
28 Repair Kit, Jacuzzi PC to Jacuzzi RC, 1-1/2" 24007106K
30a Motor, Century,0.5hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B126
30a Motor, Century,0.75hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B127
30a Motor, Century,1.0hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B128
30a Motor, Century,1.5hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B129
30a Motor, Century,2.0hp,208v-230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B836
30a Motor, Century,3.0hp,230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B131
30a Motor, Century,0.75hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd ST1072
30a Motor, Century,1.0hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd ST1102
30b Motor, Century,0.5hp,115v,2-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B971
30b Motor, Century,0.75hp,115v,2-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B2973
30b Motor, Century,0.75hp,230v,2-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd STS1072RV1
30b Motor, Century,1.0hp,230v,2-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B2975
30b Motor, Century,1.5hp,230v,2-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B2977
30b Motor, Century,2.0hp,230v,2-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd B2979
30b Motor, Century,3.0hp,230v,2-Spd, 56Jfr,C-Face Thd B966
30c Motor, Century,0.5hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd,EE B657
30c Motor, Century,0.75hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd,EE B638
30c Motor,Century,1.0hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd,EE B654
30c Motor, Century,1.5hp,115v/208-230v,1Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd,EE B796
30c Motor, Century,2.0hp,208v-230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd,EE B809
30c Motor,Century,3.0hp,208v-230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd,EE B818
30c Motor, Century,3.0hp,208v-230v,1-Spd,56Jfr,C-Face Thd,EE ST1302V1
30d Motor,Century,208v-230v,Var-Spd,48fr,C-Face Thd,V-Grn ECM16CU
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