Diamante Spa Parts

Diamante Spas was founded in 1977 and based in Ontario, California by U. S. Tooling & Spas, Inc. They manufactured hot tubs and aquatic fitness systems (swim spas) They no longer manufacture hot tubs, but Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts and accessories for Diamante Spas.

Diamante Spa Filtration

diamante spa filters hotttubSome of the Diamante spa filter systems included the 240 sq.ft. Ultimate Filtration System with 2 cartridges side by side in the horizontal skimmer.

Dual filter systems provide more filter surface area for hot tub water filtration. Typically these are 2x 120 sqft. filter cartridges side by side.

The skimmer door keeps dirt and debris at bay.

Clean filters regularly and replace them annually for best circulation and filtration of your Diamante Spa.

Popular cartridge filters for Diamante Spas are the 120 sqft H81203 filters that are 18 inches long with 2 inch MPT threads on the bottom. Some outfits are trying to sell lower pleat counts, but the original factory spec is 120 sqft for these filters, not 90 or 100 sqft.  Why skimp on filter fabric? Get the H81203 x2 (or in a case of 4 with free shipping and also to have 2x filters to alternate/switch out during a filter cleaning).

Need the shorter 12 3/4" tall filter? See fc-0518 that also has 2 inch threads on the bottom.

For the real short ones there is the H80503 50sqft filter that is 6 inches tall (but 8 inches wide) or the H40101 that stands a stately 4 inches tall and is 4 inches wide.

Still not the right size, we've got one more - the H50257 that is 25sqft and over 10 inches tall and 5 3/4 inches wide with a bottom hole.

These spas also use the circulation pump to pull water through the filters and circulate the water through the NT-4000 type heater.  Continuous filtration systems use a dedicated 24 hour circulation pump in addition to the massage jet pump(s).

Diamante Spa Parts and Equipment

diamante spa plumbingSystems also used an ozonator to help with water purification and to reduce chemical use. The type of ozonator used is the corona discharge (CD) type now readily available in either 120 volt or 230 volt versions by various brands.

Instead of a pre-plumb for the ozonator line, some spas use a dedicated Mazzei injector to help mix the ozone with the water.  This mixed water enters the spa through ozone floor jet/drain.  Also when you drain your spa, 80% of the water goes out through this drain.

The plumbing system uses barb clamps but the fittings, jets and manifolds are also glued in addition be being barb clamped.

Be sure to use the Air Bleed system when refilling the spa to let trapped air escape.

Spa pumps used in Diamante Spas are typically made by Aquaflo. We offer a wide variety of Aquaflo spa pumps depending on voltage and horsepower needed.

diamante hottub

Heaters used included the NT-4000 heater. The concept behind this heater is that the element does not touch the water (NT is no touch). So it works by heat transfer from within a stainless steel tube.

This is a 4kw heater at 230V. Other heaters include the 5.5kw flow through type (2 inch plumbing)

Pumps used included the Aqua-Flo pumps such as the 56 frame, 3hp continuous (5hp peak) pumps that draw 11 1/2 amps on high speed at 230v.

The 2HP Supercharger air system includes a high-pressure pump that pushes air into your jets. Having this feature installed means there is an air switch pack. Some systems had 2 speed Supercharge pumps.

The plumbing is the barbed style of fittings that use hose clamps. They both glued and clamped the hoses to the PVC manifolds. See our extensive PVC manifold section to find the correct replacements for your Diamante Spa.

Need a replacement circuit board or spa pack? See our 9700 HydroQuip control system selection such as the ECS 9400 and 9700 Series.

Some control systems were Spa Builders brand with many components discontinued/no longer available.  Contact us for options or replacement control systems.

The maximum temperature that can be adjusted on the control panel is 104F degrees.

These spas used a drain spigot (yellow on either left or right side of the control head). Remove the white cap and attach garden hose. Turn black valve to open/drain. (with power to spa OFF)

diamante control panelSome spas used a time clock with little tabs (each tab is 15 minutes). Others used the electronic control head or topside control panel.

Replace the ozonator with a newer model by Del. See our hot tub ozonators for a great selection.  In later models, the BioFree Automatic Sanitizing System was introduced which is a bromide salt system.

The BioQuest BioFree Automatic sanitizing system used ONE-SHOT when refilling the spa.


Popular Diamante Spa models included Atlantis, Coronita, Grand Canyon, Ixtapa, Liberty, Mojave, Pharoh, Reyna octagon, Sahara, San Augustine and San Felipe.

diamante pillowsNeed Diamante Spa pillows?  We offer some including the Chevron style pillow that measures 9 1/4 inches x 4 inches with a single peg on the back of pillows.

See our pillows section for more.


pharoh diamante spa
Pharoah Supreme Diamante Spa with 62 Jets

mohave supreme spa
Mohave Supreme Spa - 62 Jets

These are some of the spas with 2x 2-speed pumps, 1x 1-speed pump and a dedicated circ pump.  The pumps are the more quiet running 56 frame type by Aquaflo.  Though they were touted to be 5HP, that was industry jargon for 5HP peak HP rating which is equivalent to 3HP continuous HP.  Amp draw will be the determining factor in sourcing a correct replacement pump for a Diamante Spa.
The large spas operate at 230 volts and use a 5.5kW flow through heater.

Replacement spa covers are typically the thicker 5-3 covers.

Some spas also had Sound Systems such as the Ixtapa, San Augustine, Mojave and Pharoah models.  The Atlantis used 2 speaker stereo.



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