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Dura Jet 3HP Starite Pump 2-Speed 230v 4239210

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  • starite pump 4239210-S
  • Dura Jet 2.5 HP Starite Pump 2-Speed 230v 4239210


DISCONTINUED Dura Jet 2.5 - 3HP Starite DJAAYGB Pump 2-Speed 230v 4239210 or 4239210-S.  see 06125000-1040  or save with 48WUA2002C-II


STARITE 2.5 - 3 HP, 230 Volt, 10.7 / 3 Amps, 2 Speed, 48 Frame, 2 Inch Plumbing, (Threads Measure 3 Inches Across). Dura Jet Pump Complete. For Starite Residential Pumps, Dura-Jet DJ Series. You Will Need To Re-Use Your Existing Cord.

Horsepower      2.5HP continuous duty
Voltage      230
Amps      10.7/3.0
Intake and Discharge      2" MBT 
Frame Size      48Y

Pump is about 16 1/4" long and 8 1/2 inches tall to top of capacitor.

Connects to 2 inch inner diameter hose/pipe. (about 3 1/16" across pump threads))


48 frame spa pump for 2 inch plumbing 10.7 amps high speed, 3.0 amps low speed,

Replaces pumps with same 10.7 amp rating on high speed.   Stated horsepower will vary when matching pumps, so best to match the amp draw for relative performance when replacing older pumps.


Pump Features

All seals are carbon ceramic with Viton® elastomers for long-lasting performance, easily enduring prolonged heat and chemical exposure
Unique design impeller provides higher efficiency flow with a smaller horsepower motor than other pumps in the same class; high flow rates can exceed 210 gallons per minute
Multi-directional volute mountings and a 3 position drain plug for complete flexibility of configuration
Wet end can be rotated in 90 degree increments to line up with existing plumbing
Petite volute and compact 48 frame design allow for easy installation in hard to fit areas
Whisper quiet operation assures a peaceful spa experience
UL, TUV, CSA, and CE/VDE/GS cerfitied


Need a pump cord? See 30-0326-72 or shorter 4 wire AMP cord as needed.
Or there is the molded type plug 30-0220-48-K

There is also an adapter cord to go from AMP to molded plug type if needed - 30-1220-L6

We also offer pump gaskets  711-4030 (uses 2x) sold separately if needed.

Replaces Marquis Dura Jet 3HP 2-Speed Pump DJAYHB-0104 that is a 230 volt spa pump.
Current model pump also replaces DJAAYGB0001, DJAAYGB0003, DJAAYGB-3113, DJAAYGB-0104, DJAAYGB-0002, DJAAYGB-0051M, DJAAYGB-0151M, DJAAYGB-0161, DJAAYGB-3021, DJAAYGB-3061, DJAAYGB-3092, DJAAYGB-3121, DJAAYGB-3161, DJAYGB-9051M, DJAYGB-9151M, DJAYGB-0002, DJAYGB-0003, DJAYGB-0004, DJAYGB-0007, DJAYGB-0161, DJAYGB-3021, DJAYGB-3051MB, DJAYGB-3061, DJAYGB-3092, DJAYGB-3121, DJAYGB-3151MB, DJAYGB-3161, DJAYGB-3162, DJAYGB-3192, DJAYGB-9051MB, DJAYGB-9151MB, DJAAYGB-0013, DJAAYGB-0113, DJAAYGB-3003, DJAAYGB-3103, DJAAYGB-3113, DJAAYGB-9003, DJAAYGB-9013,Great Lakes spa pump DAAJYGB-3161 , DJAAYGB-9103, DJAAYGB-9113, DJAAYGB-0043, DJAGB-9051M, And DJAAYGB-0001B.

Pump And Motor Manufacturers Reserve The Right To Change Motors On Pumps Or Style Of Motor Without Notice. Motors Shown May Differ From Current Stocked Product. Functionality Remains The Same.  Pump Motor Amperages Can Be Plus Or Minus 10%.


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