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Electrode ISIS Bromine Salt System E-200 BluWater Pioneer

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  • Electrode ISIS Bromine Salt System E-200 BluWater Pioneer
  • E-200 electrode
  • Electrode ISIS Bromine Salt System E-200 BluWater Pioneer
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electrode partsISIS bromine salt system cell/electrode replacement unit.

This is the complete replacement electrode assembly for ISIS bromine salt control system.

BluWater Blu Fusion Helix electrode (also replaces ISISELECTRODE) .

isis electrode

Blu-Water E200 Electrode Assembly Bromine Generator Replacement

Manufacturer BluWater Technology
Model Blu Fusion, ISIS
Voltage 115v/230v
Generator Part Type Electrode

If error code OE or Open Element appears, the controller may have detected an inadequate connection to the electrode cell.
This can happen after installation if the electrode is not connected properly or salt has not yet been added to the spa water.

If the OE notification code appears after extended use of your spa operating the ISIS bromine salt system and cell unit, this might be the result of calcium build up on the electrode from poor water chemistry or other cell degradation.
This item is the complete replacement cell.

115v/230v Electrode assembly for bromine generator.

FITTINGS INCLUDED x 2 (choice of straight or elbow) and 2x clamps to get the project started. Order more below if needed.

Includes fittings and clamps. we will ship whichever fittings vendor is currently providing.  (most likely shipping the straight adapters)

includes fittings clamps
Elbows look like this .


straight adapter
Straight adapters look like this.

How ISIS Bromine Generator works

salt systems spasWhen the spa is circulating, power flows to the ISIS unit and current is generated at the electrode cell. The electrolytic process happens in the flow-through cell, which converts TRU-BLU sodium bromide or bromine salt into Bromine.

When operating correctly and the spa is circulating, the readout on ISIS Logix Controller is displayed. Pressing up and down keys on controller for 3 seconds shows conductivity. A reading should be between 0.5 and 1.5 which shows that there is conductivity in the cell.  Test spa water for Bromine for an ideal range is between 3 and 5 PPM to assure ISIS is working properly.

Please note that this replacement cell will include either: (2) straight barb adapters, or (2) 90 degree barb adapters. The vendor has stated that they may not be consistent on which is included with this product.

We do offer spare adapters:

672-4310  1 inch spigot 3/4 inch slip x 3/4 inch barb adapter straight.

411-3490  90 degree adapter 1 inch spigot x 3/4 inch barb.


411-3480 as used in Clearwater Spas.

Items above are available for international shipment.

We also offer bromine salt Tru-Blu  (can only ship the bromine salt within the continental USA)


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    Electrode and fittings

    Posted by Paul Korbulic on 1st Jun 2020

    Exactly what I needed. Functioning perfectly.

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