Emerald Spa Covers

more emerald spa partsReplacement hard covers with straps and safety locks for Emerald Spas, Great Lakes hot tubs, Persona spas and Polynesian hot tubs.

Emerald Spa Covers - order at our custom cover link

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4/2 covers include free shipping in the continental U.S.A.  Get a 5/3 thicker cover for $75 more. 

Previous covers used in Emerald and Great Lakes spas included:

  • FUJI/DL1---4/2 taper-CHARCOAL
  • FUJI/DL1---4/2 taper-MAHOGANY
  • Summit---4/2 taper-MAHOGANY
  • GL3---4/2 taper-CHARCOAL
  • GL3---4/2 taper-SPICE
  • GL3---5/4 TAPER-SPICE
  • GL35---4/2 taper-CHARCOAL
  • GL35---4/2 taper-MAHOGANY
  • GL35---4/2 taper-SPICE
  • GL35---5/4 TAPER-SPICE
  • EM400---4/2 taper-CHARCOAL
  • EM400---4/2 taper-MAHOGANY
  • EM 400----4/2 taper-SPICE
  • GL7---5/4 TAPER-SPICE
  • 500/600---4/2TAPER SPICE
  • 500/600---4/2TAPER MAHOGANY
  • GL 4---4/2TAPER SPICE

Contact us by email (info@hottuboutpost.com) or phone for questions on ordering a replacement spa cover.

Order cover on our cover order page - lead time of about 2-3 weeks.

emerald spa covers colors

We offer replacement covers for Emerald and Great Lakes like 300 Series, 400 Series and others in mahogany, charcoal, spice and other factory original colors.  We offer 4/2 covers and 5/4 covers (called "SuperTherm" by Emerald Spas).  We also have the D800 series octagon cover (86.5" -9"rc).  We have tri-fold covers too with 3 equal size panels.

Need that walk-on cover for 500FRB? We offer those too. Just contact us with the cover type you need for a quote including free shipping. We have all the correct sizing Templates for your Emerald spa model. Get it right the first time by ordering at Hot Tub Outpost.  This way you get your factory original spa cover  - just like the ones that come with new Emerald Spas.

Cover specs for the Emerald Spa replacement cover that is standard  4″ to 2″ tapered:

  • Heavy Aluminum C-Channel At Hinge
  • Foam Inserts Heat Sealed in 7 Mil Moisture Barrier (none of that 1-2 mil cheap stuff)
  • 29 Ounce Marine Grade Vinyl Exterior
  • 100% Polyester Backing
  • Cover Weight:37 lbs.
  • R-Value: R-18.4
  • Double Reinforced Hinge Area
  • 4 Child Proof Locking Tie Downs
  • 2 Double Reinforced Cover Handles
  • Anti-Mildew Treated
  • Bonded Dacron Polyester Fiber Thread
  • 2 Polystyrene Steam Stoppers at Each End of Hinge
  • Underwriter Laboratory Approved


great prices fast shipping coverAdd your cover details to the cover order page such as the dimensions and cover thickness.

Note the length and width dimensions, shape (round, square, rectangle), skirt length (flap hanging around the edges) and corner radius measurement if the corners are rounded. Also note thickness of either 4 inches (standard 4-2 taper) or 5 inches (5-3 taper).  The GL models all shipped standard with a 4-2 tapered cover while the Excel Series of Great Lakes Spas use the 5-3 tapered cover as standard.

Production time on covers is currently about 3 weeks. Choose from a wide selection of colors.  These are high quality spa covers available in the original 4" - 2" tapered thickness, or upgrade to a thicker 5" - 3" cover.  Upgrade any Emerald Spa to the 5 inch thick cover if you like.