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Emerald Spa control panelEmerald Control Panels

See our wide range of original Emerald and Great Lakes spa topside control panels and overlays .

Emerald Spa Packs

more emerald spa partsSpa packs with heaters or just circuit boards are available to replace your existing Emerald spa control system or board. We offer factory original replacement spa paks for your Emerald Spa, Great Lakes hot tub and Polynesian spa.

Need the IN.XE 3 output or 5 output spa packs?

We offer great prices on any Emerald Spa pak you may need. 

Contact us and let us help you find and configure the right pack.  (Fast answers at support@hottuboutpost.com). Send us a picture and our parts match tech will help you identify the correct part number and send the link where it can be ordered. Contact us with any questions about ordering the correct, factory original replacement spa controller for your hot tub.

s-class emerald 4kwvs300 emerald balboa spa packinxe3 spa pack Emeraldinxe 2pumps Emerald spa controller



inxe pump blowerinxm emerald spa contollerinye5 spapacks gvs511sz

Emerald Spa Circuit Boards

52014 board Emerald Spas50805 boardemerald duplexbalboa emerald circuit

ret50 boardgvs500 2002 emerald boardvalue board emerald




Order any Emerald Spa replacement circuit board

We have many more circuit boards for Emerald spas such as:

  • Lite Leader Circuit Board 91006000
  • MLNIUM FO DS-2/4 91006100 $345
  • SS-1D Circuit Board $297
  • SS-2/3 Circuit Board  $297
  • SS-3D Circuit Board 91006500  $297
  • MC-2/4 Board with CABLE KT MC-2/4  $568
  • MC 6 BOARD ASSY KIT  $456

Contact us by email (support@hottuboutpost.com) or phone/chat to order one of these boards. We may require more information about your current circuit board to assure you will receive the correct circuit board replacement. All boards we offer in this section are factoy original circuit boards used in actual Emerald/Great Lakes spas.

Note about board: DS-3/4 (obsolete - so replace with 91006100 and change tsc with pack upgrade TSC-91007800)

Emerald Spa Error Codes

circuitboards emerald spasWhether you are experiencing an FLO flow error or other Gecko spa control error, it is best to troubleshoot the actual error code before replacing parts to be sure you get the correct replacement part.

Some error codes you may encounter in your Emerald Spa include:

HL - System has turned heater off because the heater temperature has become excessive and unsafe (over 119F)

HR - Internal hardware error

AOH - Spa cabinet temperature too high - open the panels and let the interior cool down to resume normal operation

FLO - As mentioned above, this flow error could be caused by stuck or closed slice valves, low water level, plugged filter or a problem with the water pressure sensor

Prr - Temperature probe error

OH - Water temperature Over Heat (over 108F).

Need a complete replacement VS300 Balboa spa pak? We offer packs, circuit boards and topside controls by Balboa as used in select Emerad Spa models.  Contact us for best pricing on complete spa packs such as Gecko YE-3 and YE-5 with or without topside control.


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