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Emerald Spa Pressure Switch 2PSI 91034300

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emerald pressure switch dtecItem discontinued - see 3902 space permitting (2 1/4" tall vs about 1 3/4") .2.0 PSI 5V Pressure Switch as used in most Emerald Spa control systems. SPNO single pole normally open. 


This switch type fits in the Emerald Spa systems and is also used in Gecko, Len Gordon packs, Hydro Quip and Spa Builders packs.

Tech Tips
Adjusting the Pressure Switch - Without Voltmeter

This pressure switch can be adjusted from the top with a screwdriver.  If a voltmeter is not available, it can be tested by turning pump 1 off. 

Decrease the pressure switch setting to 0.5 P.S.I. or until the service icon is displayed on the panel.

Start increasing pressure switch setting by very slowly turning adjustment screw counter clockwise the until service icon disappears. Then, decrease another full turn.

Turn the spa pump on at low speed for about 30 seconds. There should be no service icon on display at this time.

Turn the spa pump off and wait for about 30 seconds. You should not see the service icon.

If you see an error, restart the pressure switch adjustment procedure.

If you are not able to adjust the pressure switch, then it's time to replace it.

Adjusting the Pressure Switch - With Voltmeter

Any good spa tech worth a hill of beans will have voltmeter on the truck with working batteries, so for you, the adjustment procedure is:

Set voltmeter to  ohms (while both probes are touching one another, voltmeter should let out a beep to show there is continuity).

Turn Pump 1 off.

Do you have continuity on the pressure switch?

If you have no continuity, see below.

If you do have continuity, increase the pressure switch setting by turning clockwise until voltmeter stops beeping. Then, decrease another full turn.

Turn Pump 1 on at low speed and wait for a few minutes.

If the service icon does not appear, you have adjusted the pressure switch successfully.  Congrats, you can get back to enjoying the spa or fixing a different spa.

If the service icon appears, decrease the pressure switch setting by turning counter clockwise until the voltmeter starts beeping to show continuity, no resistance.

Then, decrease another 1/4 of turn. Turn pump off. The service icon should not appear (restart this procedure if a service icon appears).

When the adjustment procedure is completed, some manufacturers suggest to apply Loctite 425 to the adjustment screw to secure it in place.

Get this pressure switch above and we will ship it out asap.  Orders before 1pm U.S. Central Time will have the shipment go out same business day when at all possible.

This type of pressure switch is used in Emerald Spas, Coast Spas, and other brand hot tubs.

Have a question? Contact us for a speedy response.  Thanks for browsing at Hot Tub Outpost.


Need teflon tape? Best to wrap the threads of the pressure switch with teflon tape to assure a good seal at the pressure switch tap on the heater manifold.

pressure switch mounted


Environmental Operating Conditions:
Operating temperature: 0 to 122F (-17 to 50C)
Storage temperature: -40 to 160F (-40 to 70C)
Humidity: Up to 80% non-condensing
Electrical specifications:
Switch rating / 1 Pole NO: 5V, 0.4 VA
Temperature of pressure medium: max. 85°C
Tab terminals: .25” (1 mm), brass gold plated
Threaded inlet: 1/8 npt
Pressure range / Tolerances:
Pressure (adjustable): 1 to 5 psi
Tolerance: +/- 15% N.C.
Factory presets: 1.5 or 2 psi
Max. working pressure: 44 psi

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