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more emerald spa partsFactory original Emerald Spa pumps and pump parts including wet ends, impellers and pump accessories are on sale at Hot Tub Outpost.

Get free shipping on most replacement spa pumps! The easiest way to source a replacement pump for your Emerald Spa is to begin by reading off the details on the existing pump label.  You can also take a picture of it (or cell-phone image) and send it to us for identification.

We carry factory original 2HP and 3HP 2-speed pumps with 8 foot long cords.  We offer the latest models that replace the older Emerald Spa pumps - for example the pre-2007 Sta-Rite pumps.  Contact us for the most current, factory original replacement pump.  Need EX-2 series pumps? We've got them in stock.

50003900 2hp emerald pumpNeed just the wet end? We offer the XP2 56 frame replacement wet end as well as the complete EX-2 4.8HP 48 frame pump wet end.

Hot Tub Outpost offers a wide variety of replacement pumps and pump parts, so if you don't see it on our site, contact us because we stock many more items than are listed.  Need just the pump seal kit for an LX - WP or WUA Emerald Spa pump? We've got those too.

Need help?  Simply email us with details from your current pump label or send your spa serial number for pump identification to info@hottuboutpost.com. Contact us with any questions about finding the right replacement spa pump or pump part for your Emerald Spa, Great Lakes hot tub, Persona or Polynesian spa.

Emerald Spa Pumps

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Emerald Spa Pump Wet Ends




Emerald Spa Pump Parts

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 We offer pump wet ends, cords, impellers and plumbing parts.

Emerald Spa Pump Types

Emerald Spas have different pump systems in their various spa models.
Emerald Base, Emerald Classic and Special Edition spas have a single two-speed (circulation/
jets) pump and provide:

*120v 2-Speed Pump System

  • Filtration and circulation duty on low speed
  • Hydrotherapy jet action on high speed
  • Low Speed Heat Enabled

*240v 2-Speed Pump System

  • Filtration and circulation duty on low speed
  • Hydrotherapy jet action on high speed
  • Low and High Speeds Heat Enabled (spa also heats on high speed)

The Emerald Elite and Cygnus series have a two pump system that also has an additional booster pump to enhance jet action.

Emerald Pump Impellers offered right here at Hot Tub Outpost

  • AquaFlo impellers for 1.5HP, 2HP and 3HP pumps
  • StaRite impellers for 1HP, 1 1/2HP, 2HP, 2 1/2HP and 3HP Sta-Rite spa pumps
  • LX impellers 1 1/2HP, 2HP and 3HP for WP200-II and WUA200-II spa pumps used in select emerald spas.
  • Waterway impellers 2HP and 3HP
  • XP2E impeller for 4.8HP pump

Emerald and Great Lakes Troubleshooting Tips

Pump Troubleshooting Tips

Pump causing vibration noise?
If problem is loud vibration noise, first check for loose screws on the equipment module face and bolts attaching equipment module to the frame.  Also be sure spa is not touching or rubbing against anything such as a deck rail, house, etc. that can cause the noise.  Air may be trapped in pump housing, so if that is the issue, turn pump off and then slightly loosen the pump unions.

With a towel covering the area (water will leak, splash) the air may be purged and the union can be tightened.  If it does not work, you may need to repeat the opening slightly of the pump union and this time turn the pump on for about 3-5 seconds to bleed the air out of pump housing.

Most times you won't need to start the pump in order to get the trapped air out of the system.  Turn pump off and tighten the unions. Repeat if necessary.  Make sure that the spa has been installed on a properly supported surface.

Pump Will Run But There Is No Water Flow
Check that all valves are in the open position. One T-valve/service valve may only be in the half-open position.
Make sure the filter is clean. A clogged filter can cause flow issues.
Check that the suction intake covers are free of debris and able to allow free flow of water into the suction grates.
Be sure the operating water level of the spa is at the appropriate level. Lower water level can cause pump flow issues.
Check to be sure that all adjustable flow-type jets are turned to the open position. If all the jets are shut, flow issues can occur.

Pump Runs And There Is Water Flow But No Heat
Press the temperature set button to increase temperature. Thermostat may be set too low.
Do NOT expect to feel hot water coming from the jets. Make sure that all valves are open to allow full water flow through the system as mentioned above. The heater will not function if there is a flow issue (or pressure switch issue).
Clean the filter to assure maximum water flow.