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Replace Hot Tub Circuit Board

circuit boards onlineSometimes when the spa does not work anymore, the spa tech will determine that the circuit board needs to be replaced.

Hot Tub Outpost offers the largest selection of replacement circuit boards for: Balboa, Gecko, Hydro Quip, Sundance Spas, Icon Spas and other hot tub control systems.

Horse Sense
Warning: Working on your own appliances, cars, covered wagons and hot tubs as well as anything else electrical or mechanical carries with it severe risk of injury or property damage. These tips and suggested procedures are free and for informational purposes only. Proceed at your own risk. It is best to use the services of an electrician or tech. Hot Tub Outpost is not liable for any damage or injury that may result. The following is provided as a refresher for qualified electricians and technicians and for informational purposes only. It is not meant to encourage anyone else to attempt electrical repairs on a hot tub or any other major appliance because of the risk of electricution or injury. 

The first safety precaution when replacing a circuit board is to turn off the power to the spa and breaker. 

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, so first let's be sure we are sourcing the correct replacement circuit board.

sticker balboaDetermining the Correct Replacement Circuit Board - Balboa

Find and note the Balboa circuit board model on the serial number tag sticker.  (Not the number stamped into the actual PC board) Numbers on the white sticker on the circuit board are needed and also the revision number located on another sticker on the main EPROM chip.

eprom chip number

Never remove and replace a circuit board without first having tested all other components and proven the circuit board is actually causing the problem. 

balboa spa pack

Some circuit boards are custom order items that cannot be returned, so this would be an expensive mistake to make.  Even on any returned circuit boards, there is a restocking fee which is 10% here at Hot Tub Outpost, but as high as 25-30% from other online vendors - plus shipping costs,  so be sure the board is really the problem first.

Note to only look at the numbers on the stickers, not on the green baseboard as those won't help find the right board.  The numbers on the white sticker will help find the type of board you need.

The serial number is also on this sticker and under it is the model of the board such as 2000M7 SER STD LE...  The serial number may also give you a clue about the circuit board part number because it may start with S/N 51638***12345678, so the part number of the board would be 51638 in this example. 

If there is a dash after the first part number, then include that in the part number as well (with up to 2 digits more after the dash like 51638-02). Now, armed with the board model number, pop it into the search box at the top of the Hot Tub Outpost website to find the board.

Determining the Correct Replacement Circuit Board - Gecko Aeware - Spa Builders

For finding the right Gecko circuit board, info is needed from both the circuit board EPROM chip and also the model number and options from the actual spa pack.  Note that you cannot get a replacement board for most S-Spa packs, so those will require a complete spa pack change. 

sample gecko info-spa-pack

Hydro Quip Boards

To replace Hydro Quip circuit boards, just find the PCB model number that usually starts with 33 like 33-1234A-R5.  The spa pack may also have this info on it if you can't see it on the circuit board.  Pre-2003 packs may require that you also change temperature sensor, high limit sensor and the transformer. Those parts are Hi Limit sensor 34-0201D, Temperature sensor #34-0203D, Transformer Kit 48-0099.

Replacing a Hot Tub Circuit Board

chip revision numberThe replacement procedure will be different for each type of spa pack, so get the repair manual for the system you are working on.

To source a replacement hot tub circuit board, note and provide both the circuit board model number usually on a sticker near the top of the board that has a barcode on it - and also note the Chip revision number located on the main memory chip of the circuit board.  Even if the board does not have the model number, we can reference the model from the EPROM chip number, so just email us the chip number and we will send you the link to the corresponding circuit board model.

Hot Tub Outpost offers Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip, Waterway, United and other circuit boards.
Note that for Gecko S-Series spa packs, you will need to replace the entire pack. For other Gecko circuit boards, you will need both the EPROM chip number AND the spa pak model number and options found on the spa pak. 

These types of spa paks will have a sticker on the side with all the Model and Option information codes.  Email us this info and we will point you to the right Gecko circuit board or replacement pak. (Send pictures/information to for a fast response).

Remove the Circuit Board

Shut OFF the line power to the spa main breaker - never attempt any spa repair without shutting off the power or serious injury or damage may occur.

For Balboa systems, remove the screw which mounts the blower TRIAC if it is there (TRC2 on Value and 2000LE M7 boards, and TRC6 on Prestige boards). Note the SUV pack/board does not use a TRIAC.

Disconnect all wires and slip-on connectors to remove the board.  It is best to label each wire when you remove it so you know where it goes. It is also a great idea to take a couple of pictures of the wiring before you start pulling wires. Take time to document where stuff goes that is unplugged to avoid chaos when it comes time to hook things back up again.

Now it's time to take off all the circuit board mounting screws and put them in a small receptacle that you have nearby so you don't lose any screws. There should be 9 screws across the middle and bottom of the SUV circuit board. The others have 2 screws at the upper left and lower right corners and one that is at the right-upper middle. 

Elite boards only use mounting screws on the terminal block.  In all cases, don't tug at the board too much if there is a remaining screw still holding it down, just locate the remaining screw and remove it being careful to use the right size tool so the screw heads are not damaged, because new circuit boards don't usually come with mounting screws.

Use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze any locking flanges in order to remove the board from the plastic stand-offs if needed. (SUV board don't use the stand-offs).  Once the board is free, it can be removed from the system control box.  Watch out as you remove the board to be sure it clears the enclosure - especially at the connectors on the right side of the board.

Replace the Circuit Board

With the bad board out of the control box, compare the 2 boards and be sure you have the correct replacement board before continuing. Next set all the jumpers and dip switch positions to the correct spot, matching the settings on the old board.

Snap the new board into place if there are plastic standoffs. It should snap all the way into place.  Avoid damaging any connectors on the right side of board when installing the new board.

Install back the blower TRIAC screw if it is on that board (the one that was removed above) - Do Not Overtighten This Screw!

Re-install all the circuit board screws from your handy container you kept them in, yup they are all still there.

Reconnect all wires and slip-on connectors - see the labels on them all, that makes it so much easier to reconnect to the right terminal. One fell off?  Check the picture you took to be sure you put them all back in the right place.

Now it's time for the moment of truth - reconnect power to the spa at the breaker and test to see if all functions are working correctly.

Circuit Board Components

circuit board fusesIn the world of hot tub repair, most of the time if there is a problem with the circuit board, the whole board is replaced.  There are replaceable items on the board such as the fuses.  Some boards have the main power fuse but also additional fuses such as a blower fuse.

Components on the circuit board besides fuses can include transformer, control panel inputs and connections, sensor connections, the U4 main processor (on which is the current revision number), relays and other connections.

replace circuit board spas

See all of our replacement circuit boards here.

Need help finding a replacement circuit board? Complete the form below and include photo of the existing board showing chip number on white sticker affixed to the main processor chip on the circuit board.