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Replace Hot Tub Jets

Rotational replacement spa jetsHot tub jets come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes, styles and colors.  Jets are made by Waterway, CMP, Rising Dragon and a host of other spa jet manufacturers and sold in bulk to hot tub manufacturers to use in the production of their spas. 

Jets are changed over the years and hot tub manufacturers not only switch jet models but sometimes also jet brands.

jet nozzle styles

Things you need to know to replace an unknown hot tub jet:

  • Jet Type: Snap-in or Thread-in
  • Jet Diameter (measurement across front of jet)
  • Jet Nozzle Type (directional, roto, dual roto, massage or multi-nozzle..)
  • Jet Color (gray, stainless steel, white, black,...)
  • Jet Style (how the jet looks like from the front)
  • Jet Manufacturer (if known)
  • Any numbers that appear on the back of the jet face, body or jet part are helpful

Not sure what jets you have?  The detailed way to go about it is to read this entire article. The fast way?  Send us a picture and the diameter of each jet you need and we will try to match it up and send you the correct links to the jets you need by return email.   For select spa manufacturers, you can also send a spa serial number or model name and model year along with a diameter measurement across front of jet as an inquiry and we can look it up that way.

Here is a nice way one of our customers sent in his pics, but you can just take regular pictures and let us know the jet sizes in your email to

Sample Pictures for Jets Needed

spa jet parts needed

Removing and Replacing Spa Jet Inserts

Jet types WaterwayMost adjustable jets have an outer ring around them that allows the water flow to be turned down or off.  To remove an adjustable jet, rotate the ring counterclockwise until it stops, then keep turning to unscrew the insert from the jet housing or body.  Be sure to first turn off the power to the spa when doing any type of hot tub repairs.

If the jet does not hand-loosen, you may need to use a wrench for some jet styles - but take care not to damage the spa acrylic or the jet/jet body. For certain types of jets, jet keys are available to assist in removal of the jet internal but most of the time the jet tools are for removing the jet body when that type of repair is needed.

Replace with the new jet by screwing the new jet into the threaded fitting, turning it clockwise until it snaps in.  Note that many jet inserts have a notch that has to line up with the groove inside the jet body. When you then try to turn the jet back down and off, it will rest in the detente position (off). Turning the water flow on and off is then as simple as turning the outer ring around the jet.  Do not over-tighten the jet insert when replacing it.

Like types of jets can be replaced, so for instance you can upgrade a seat from a non-directional adjustable jet, to a directional or rotational adjustable jet. There are even twin-roto jets with 2 rotating orifices.

Note there are threaded jet inserts and snap-in type jet inserts so be sure to get the correct type.  When removing the snap in type, you will actually need to pull the jet out once it is turned left beyond the detente position (where you first feel resistance when turning jet insert counterclockwise).  In both cases, turning them left gets the jet removal started.

Sourcing Replacement Spa Jets

Replace jet inserts with similar jet types and be sure to get the correct size.  You can measure the jet by putting the existing jet insert on a flat surface face down and measuring it's length and diameter.

Consider the following details when looking for replacement hot tub jets:

  • Jet brand (Waterway, CMP, Golden Dragon...)
  • Jet model (part number may be on the jet insert that you removed so check it)
  • Jet type (directional, rotational nozzle, dual nozzle, multi-nozzle, adjustable, fixed...)
  • Size - Outer diameter of jet (o.d.)
  • Size - Hole Size (may also be indicated in new jet description)
  • Color (graphite, stainless steel, white, black, gray with stainless..)
  • Style (scallop design, smooth face, other appearance features)

Need assistance determining what jet you need?  Email us a picture ( and we will compare it with our huge database of jet parts and jets that spans all brands and goes back decades.

Jet Sizes

Most jets are identified by the diameter measurement across the face of the jet.  Small non-adjustable jets include the euro or ozone jets that are 1 1/2"-2 1/2" wide.

Mini Jets can be 2 - 3 1/2" wide and have different patterns (directional, rotational)

Poly jets like the Poly Storm jet is in the 3-4" wide range.

Power Storm jets are about 4 1/2 - 5 1/2" in diameter.

Cyclone jets are also in the 5" diameter range.

The big jumbo jets are usually about 7 inches in diameter and can be rotational.

Multi-Nozzle jets can come in a variety of sizes and have several orifices in one jet.

Jet styles can be smooth or textured and they come in a variety of colors.

Jet patterns include rotational, directional, non-adjustable, twin roto, multi-nozzle and other styles.

How Hot Tub Jets Work

Spa Jets Directional replacementBasically the hot tub jet consists of a jet back that is attached to the back side of the spa shell and accepts various jet inserts, and the front of the jet you see in the spa called a jet insert or "the jet".

In the back of the jet, the jet body is attached to the incoming water line which usually comes in from a Manifold that divides up the water flow from the spa pump.  There is also another connection at the back of the jet for air, even for those spas that do not have a dedicated air blower.  Both water and air are mixed from the back of the jet and this mixture comes out into the spa as a warm/hot water massage.

So what really happens with water that is forced through a jet nozzle from the spa pump and plumbing is that the diameter of the water flow is reduced and squeezed out the jet orifice or opening which is usually only about 5/16" thick. This reduction in "pipe size" means the water flows faster, but at a lower pressure.  This low pressure (lower than the atmosphere around the back of the jet) causes the venturi effect of drawing in air through the air port and tiny hole near the orifice which gives us the great massaging action in the hot tub.

Some manufacturers actually hook up an air blower to the air line to create a turbo effect with boosted, controllable air flow which makes the water jets burst into some serious action.  But even spas that just use the venturi effect can control some of the air flow with a valve that seems to turn jet groups higher/lower/off.

Spa jets replacements

Hot Tub Jet Problems

Eclipse style jetSome rotational type spa jets may have ball-bearings which may find their way into your spa water.

Some jet inserts may have tabs that break off and the jet is found floating in the water.  Other times a jet may be stuck open or shut. 

If the air input becomes clogged, then the venturi will no longer work correctly and the jet may appear weak or non-functional.

When replacing a spa pump, be sure to replace with a similar type so you do not disrupt the water flow in the spa.

Jets keep popping outJets keep popping out?  It could be that the tabs are broken or just that the jet was not turned in all the way. If you have inserted the jet and you hear a click, then it is locked in.

In addition to a broken tab, improper water balance may cause jets to fail.

Before changing out jets, be sure the problem is not with the pump, an air pocket in the line after a refill or other issue. 

There could be service valves that are not completely open or another issue that causes water to flow slowly or not at all. 

If the problem exists across multiple jets, then maybe the problem is not the jets.

Leaky Jet

A leak from the back of a jet can originate from a crack in the jet housing, or from a glue joint right behind the jet.  Maybe the jet gasket needs to be replaced. Sometimes adding silicone around the outer edge of the jet housing will do the job. Note that it is best to apply silicone in stages rather than make a mess by trying to go all the way around the jet body in one swoop.

Jets with a lock nut on the back may stop leaking if the lock nut is tightened more, but don't over tighten or you may crack it.

Spa jet back by WaterwayHot Tub Outpost offers jet inserts, jet bodies, complete jets, jet wall fittings and escucheons (the silver or colored rings or decorative overlay that snap over plastic jets to give them a stainless steel or other color appearnace).  We also offer jet gaskets, hose or pipe, PVC plumbing parts and other hot tub jet parts and accessories.


Now when replacing a jet insert, be sure there are no broken parts of the last insert still in the jet body. That can prevent the new jet insert from locking in. 

Jet bodies may also come with retaining rings or gaskets included with them, or sometimes not so best to read the product description.    There are many reasons why jets can fail, but chemical degradation of the diffuser in back of jet is one cause. Tabs can also become worn and break off, causing the jet not to stay in the jet body.  In both of these cases, replacing the jet insert should do the trick. 

Jet Diffusers

The diffuser is the back plastic section of the jet (usually white or gray) that portrudes out the back of the jet face/nozzle area.  Typically diffusers are snap-in that snap in to a snap-in style jet body, or thread-in with threads to a threaded jet body.
The diffuser is not a widely available part except for certain Waterway jet diffusers or Balboa Pentair diffusers that we offer.   Typically the complete jet insert is replaced including jet face/nozzle and diffuser.  The back section mounted to the rear of the spa shell is the jet body. Type in "jet diffuser" or "diffuser" into the search box at the top of the page to find them.

Clean Your Jets?

Some companies advocate the cleaning of jets and say to remove them all and clean them annually or even semi-annually.  A basic solution of white vinegar and water will help get them clean in an overnight soak. There are also commercial products on the market for jet cleaning such as Spa Jet Clean by Leisure Time.

Preventative measures to scale clogging jet orifices is to use a Stain and Scale treatment if needed.

Not all jets in a spa are removable. Some may be fixed euro jets or other fixed type of jet and others may actually be air injectors/air jets that are fed air from the spa blower rather than water from the spa pump.

Another, better option is to just flush out the plumbing lines annually or even at every water change with new products on the market that remove gunk from spa plumbing lines such as Swirl AwayAhh Some or Leisure Time Chemical Flush Jet Clean.

See all of our hot tub jets here.

For assistance in finding replacement jets, complete the form below for one or many jets. Include the color (gray/stainless steel/black/white..), the width/diameter of each jet measured across the front face of the jet (2",3",3 3/8", 4",5"..) and if the jet is snap-in or thread-in type. Including the spa model information and a spa serial number if available can be helpful. Also include any number found on the back of the actual jet. Photos front and side view of jet(s) needed are helpful.