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Find hot tub plumbing parts in our plumbing section.

For assistance, complete the form below with details of part(s) needed or email us at with photos/details.

For further details on plumbing fittings and parts, see: Hot Tub Plumbing Fittings and PVC Spa Repair Parts


Note: PVC plumbing sizes relate to the inner diameter of the hose/pipe/plumbing, not any measurement on the actual PVC part.

PVC parts are referred to by their nominal sizes (..for the hose size that connects to the part)

Connection types include slip (which accommodates hose/pipe or the spigot connection of another PVC part) or spigot that fits inside slip connections (but not inside hose).

To connect several PVC parts or manifolds together, connect the spigot end of one part to the slip end of another part.