Gulf Coast Spa Parts

Gulf Coast Spas were manufactured in Clearwater, Florida, but are no longer in production. Gulf Coast Spa Manufacturers consolidated with Tatum Manufacturing in April 2008. By March 2009, it shut down its operations as Living Water Products.  The company had also had licensing rights to make Coleman Spas and had bought out the assets of Infinity spas before closing.

gulf coast equipmentHot Tub Outpost has replacement spa parts for Gulf Coast Spa models, or can offer you equivalent spare parts and accessories that can keep your hot tub running. If you are unsure of the part to order or the compatibility of a replacement spa part, give us a call or send photos/your inquiry to

Gulf Coast Spa Jets

gulf coast jetsWe offer 2 inch Typhoon jets that aare directional or rotational as used in GC spas. We also offer the 3,4 and 5 inch jets. Need Poly storm jets? We have them in graphite and stainless steel.

Send us pictures of the jets you need along with diameter measurement and we will send you back links to order the correct replacement jet inserts.  Need other plumbing parts? We have it all.

See our hot tub jets and hot tub plumbing store.

eco200 panelGulf Coast spa packs, circuit boards and control panels

See the Balboa, Gecko (S-Class and IN.XM) and HydroQuip systems.  Need a replacement for that Spa Builders spa pack? We have those too.  The Balboa VS500Z and VS501Z controller packs are also used in select models.

Systems included the 7 button Balboa pack spas from 2008.

We also offer accessories for these systems such as replacement pressure switches used for Gecko systems.

See the ECO 200 4 button control panel (HydroQuip/Balboa).

We offer the Balboa VL260 4 button control panel as well.

See our HydroQuip control panels for the right replacement model or contact us for assistance. You can send picture of your current control panel along with length/width measurement for fast identification of the correct replacement part.


We offer replacement heaters for HydroQuip/Balboa and Gecko systems.

Note that Gecko recommended replacing select 5.5kW heaters to the 4kW rated ones.  These heaters have pressure switches on them and are used in Gecko S-Class systems.

Filters for Gulf Coast Spas

We offer any cartridge filter for your older Gulf Coast spa including those filters with threads on the bottom. Send us your filter measurement and pictures to for fast identification of your filter type. Or enter the number stamped on your old filter end cap in our search box to find it fast.  We have open bottom filters too.

Need a Del Eclipse ozonator? We have those too.

Water sanitizing recommendation used to be that there were two kits designed for specific filtration systems - the AquaClara Water Management System (disc style) for floating canister filters and the AquaClara Natural System (enzyme style) for the Weir filtration. AquaClara Natural works in both types of filters, but the disc works only in the basket type floating canisters.


Gulf Coast Spa Models

gulfcoast spasGulf Coast Spas ranged from budget model to more deluxe ones. The Gulf Coast EX 30000 spa is a budget model measuring 76" x 70", with 15 jets , a 3 hp spa motor and room for 3. The Gulf Coast DX5000 series hot tub was a best seller with a lounge seat and room for 6 persons. It is a 79" square spa with 32 jets, topside controls and aromatherapy. Gulf Coast Spa model LX5000 is also 79" square, with a lounger, 56 jets, a waterfall and EPR rated spa pumps.

The higher end models included Gulf Coast Spa model LX 7000, whichfit 6 persons in an 84" square shell, with 63 jets, ozonator and aromatherapy system. Gulf Coast LX 8000 is a 6 person hot tub, measuring 84" square with a lounger and 53 massage jets. It came with topside controls, an optional remote and ERP 11.5 HP spa motors. The Gulf Coast LX 9000 was a popular, larger spa with room for 7 persons, featuring Balboa controls and a Teflon coated spa heater.The LX 11000 was Gulf Coast Spa's premium hot tub with seating for 6, dual propulsion spa motors, a waterfall, lounge seat and a 96" square shell.



question answer hottubContact us at if you need assistance in finding the right spa part or accessory for your Gulf Coast Spas hot tub - send details/part number/even a picture along with your request if you like. We know you'll want to get back to enjoying your Gulf Coast Spas hot tub, so we'll get back to you quickly.





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