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Hawkeye Spa Parts

Hawkeye and Barefoot Spa Parts

Hawkeye Spas was established in 1989 in Richmond, Virginia. They grew as a manufacturer of premium hot tubs and sold them in over 19 countries.  Hawkeye Spas is no longer in business, but Hot Tub Outpost still has original or compatible hot tub replacement spa parts to keep your spa running. If you do not find the part you are looking for, contact us at for assistance.

Sams Club and other big box retailers have sold models of Hawkeye Spas.

See our range of spa parts from PVC parts to components that work with these spas.

hawkeye spas hottubs

Hawkeye Spa and Barefoot Spa jets

jupiter dual roto Hawkeye Spa jetDepending on model and year, different jets were used in these spas including GG Industries, now Balboa. Small jets included the Micro Jet.  Other spas used Waterway jets including the Cluster Storm type jets.  We still offer the range of Mini Storm, Poly Storm, Power Storm and even the large Ultra Blaster 7 inch jet and jet bodies.

Some of the snap in style Waterway jets (part numbers begin with 212-) have been discontinued, but there are generic replacement jets available to fit the jet bodies.

Jets were installed in either stainless steel or gray.

See our Hawkeye Spa jet assortment or contact us for assistance.


hawk eye spa pillowsHawkeye Spa Pillows

We have a fresh assortment of replacement spa pillows for Hawkeye Spas.  See our assortment of Hawekeye and Barefoot Spa Pillows.

We offer gray and black replacement pillows with or without pins in back.

Contact us if you need assistance finding the right replacement pillow.  You can also send photos.


Hawkeye Spa Valves

For valves, there are water valves such as Waterway 600-4337 and on/off valves for 1 inch plumbing like 600-4367 usually used on a Waterfall line with either a 6 inch or 8 inch Aquafall waterfall (675-4007 or 675-5007).

Air control used includes the Waterway 660-3587.

Hawkeye Spa Filters

Filter systems included the 510-3547  15 3/4 inch filter assembly or the longer 510-3557 19 5/8 inch filter assembly (Dyna-Flo II Top Mount filter canisters).

If the spa has a front access filter with a weir door, see 510-9007 which is a Waterway 50sqft filter assembly.

Popular Cartridge Filters for Hawkeye Spas include the H40353 that is about 5 inches wide by 9 1/4 inches tall.

There is also a PWW50P3 that is 6 inches wide and 7 5/8 inches tall with 1 1/2 inch SAE threads on bottom.

hawkeye control panel barefoot
Barefoot Spa Control Panel

Spa Control Panels for Hawkeye and Barefoot Spas

Some control panels used in Hawkeye Spas include the 2 pump, 4 button rectangular replacement for 3-00-7005

A popular replacement for some Hawkeye control panels is the 108717 that uses a 11957 3 pump overlay

We also offer 51223, a popular Hawkeye Balboa control panel. There is also a rectangular replacement BAL54170-01.

For Hawkeye Spas that used Gecko control systems, a popular replacement control panel for the discontinued K-16 is the BDLTSC8GE2 or 0200-007194

Control Systems

Control packs used in this type of spa include the Gecko S-Spa, S-Class packs and also M-Spa packs.  Spa Builders are the older packs.

A viable replacement for some Hawkeye spa packs is the spa pack 3-72-7038 that will work with control panel 0607-008064.

The Balboa System VS-510SZ is a lower priced option that includes a control panel and may also work in select installations.

A replacement H100 Hawkeye circuit board is 51387 with the ribbon cable style plug.

Some of the old style trombone heaters have been discontinued - you may need a new complete control system.

Ozone Generators were the CDS-16 by Del.

hawkeye spa equipment
Hawkeye Spa Equipment Bay

Spa Pumps

Pumps used include Aqua-Flo and Pentair main pumps and Laing circ pumps such as SM-959-NHW-26.



Hawkeye Spas sold both the Classic Series and the Astral Series.   The Astral spa series had additional features and advanced hydrotherapy options.

Hawkeye Spa's Astral Series included the Orion model. This was a 96" square spa that fits up to 8 persons, with a 5.5 kW heater, 73 stainless steel jets, 3 spa pumps and a waterfall. The Eclipse spa measured 59" x 87" x 34", with a body lounge, 27 stainless steel jets, 1 spa pump and room for 3. The Atlas model was a bestselling spa, measuring 87" square - with room for 6 adults , 3 spa pumps, a heater and ozonator. The Odyssey spa had a full body lounge, 42 spa jets, 2 spa pumps, ozone and room for 6 in a 78" x 85" x 38" hot tub.

Hawkeye's Classic Series of spas including the 3 person Gemini hot tub, measuring 55.5" x 84" x 34" with 18 jets, 1 pump and a 5.5 kW heater. The Genesis hot tub featured 34 jets, 1 spa pump, a 5.5 kW heater and room for 6 in a 76" x 81" x 38" shell. The Mercury spa had room for 6, with a massage lounger, 43 customizable jets, 3 spa pumps and an 84" square shell.   Hawkeye's Jupiter model measured 76" x 81" x 38:, with room for 6, 31 stainless steel jets, 2 Sta-Rite pumps and a 5.5 kW heater. The largest spa in Hawkeye's classic series was the Venus, with room for 7. This spa had a waterfall, 2 spa pumps, a spa heater, ozonator and 34 massage jets.

0200-007194 is a popular rectangular control panel used in select Hawkeye spas.

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