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Heater Tailpiece Standard 2 Inch 417-5041 Slip

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  • Heater Tailpiece Standard 2 Inch 417-5041 Slip
  • Heater Tailpiece Standard 2 Inch 417-5041 Slip
  • 417-5041 heater threads
  • tailpiece gasket groove
  • 417-5041
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Heater Tailpiece Standard 2 Inch 417-5041 is a 2 inch male buttress threaded heater tailpiece for many 2 inch inner diameter flow through heaters. 

Has the standard heater male buttress threaded connection on one end and has a 2 inch slip connection on the other end to accept 2 inch inner diameter flex hose or pipe.

2 inch refers to the plumbing and heater inner diameter, not the actual measurement of the tailpiece connection which is of course a little larger than 2 inches to accommodate a 2 inch inner diameter hose.

This is the tailpiece that is quite universal for 2 inch heaters and is especially common on 15 inch long heaters that connect to 2 inch inner diameter plumbing systems.

Color: black by Waterway.

Need a gasket? see 2 inch heater gasket with oring (actual width 2 15/16" od) - for flow through heaters.

Need a 2 inch heater split nut? See 0121108020

This is the heater tailpiece type used to hookup directly to 2 inch flex hose.

If hooking up the heater tailpiece to another PVC part such as a service valve, you may need a spigot connection instead of this slip connection where the hose (or the spigot connection from another PVC part) fits inside the back of this heater tailpiece with a 2 inch slip connection.

Note: this tailpiece is for a connection to a 2 inch heater.  If you need a tailpiece for a pump, that is a pump union and is a different thread type.  These threads work with spa heater split nuts and heater mounting nuts.


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