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Hot Tub Guides

In this section we will be adding guides to help you shop for, care for and repair a hot tub.   Get quality hot tubs and brand name hot tub supplies, chemicals, parts and accessories from Hot Tub Outpost.

Horse Sense
Warning: Working on your own appliances, cars, covered wagons and hot tubs as well as anything else electrical or mechanical carries with it severe risk of injury or property damage. These tips and suggested procedures are free and for informational purposes only. Proceed at your own risk. It is best to use the services of an electrician or tech. Hot Tub Outpost is not liable for any damage or injury that may result.


Hot Tub Delivery Guide Set Up   Spa maintenance guide      
Hot Tub Delivery Guide

Preparing for the installation of youre new hot tub from Hot Tub Outpost includes preparing the site, electrical connection and pathway from driveway to selected site.

Electrical diagrams, site planning, delivery information, hot tub dimensions and weights and plenty more in this pre-delivery guide to receiving a hot tub shipment and preparing your new spa for years of enjoyment.

Contact Hot Tub Outpost with any questions about setting up your new spa.

Download Hot Tub Pre-Delivery Guide (.pdf)

See our current hot tub range here.

 M-W-F Hot Tub Maintenance Guide.

Easy steps to maintaining your hot tub spa.

Requires just 5 minutes, 3 days a week for crystal clear, safe spa water.

Get all your hot tub chemicals and filters at online discount prices here at Hot Tub Outpost.


Download M-W-F Hot Tub Maintenance Guide (.pdf)