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Hour Glass Pillow Gray Q5104G FIC-0047-GRY

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  • Q5104G pillow gray hour glass cushion headrest
  • Gray genesis pillow Q5104G
  • Q5104G FIC-0047
  • Hour Glass Pillow Genesis hot tub pillow ACC01401080
Now: $24.77
RRP: $29.99


Genesis Hour glass shaped gray pillow. On sale now.

Includes the 2 mounting pins.

Pillow is about 7 1/2 inches wide and is soft and comfortable for lounging in your spa.

2 pins fit into slots in back of pillow (included)

This pillow is gray.  Includes the 2 pillow fasteners/pins.

Replaces FIC-0047-GRY Foam Creations gray pillow as used in Coast Spas, Four Winds hot tubs and 3 Rivers spas.

We also offer this pillow in black - see Q5104B.

7 5/8" x 4 5/8"  with 2 mounting slots in back and includes 2 fasteners. 



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Warranty Information

Pillows are not warranted - maintaining proper water balance extends pillow life.
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