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Hydro Jet 2 Inch Wall Fitting Nut 30-3807 30-3807WHT

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  • Hydro Jet, Wall Fitting nut in White 30-3807WHT
  • rear side of nut
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HydroAir Jet wall fitting nut. This is a white wall fitting Nut 30-3807 or 30-3807WHT

2" Hydro Jet wall fitting nut. 

Part also replaces 10-3300-BLK , 10-3300-BRN , 10-3300-WHT , 10-3807 , 30-3807 , 9351-08.

Manufacturer HydroAir/Balboa
Model Hydro Jet
Hole Size 2-3/8"
Color White

Related jet assembly parts:


1 Jet Cmplt,BWG/HAI Hydro Jet,2-3/8"hs,Eyel,a1-1/2"s,w1-1/2"s 10-5100WHT
2 Jet Body, BWG/HAI Hydro, 2-3/8"hs, a1-1/2"s, w1-1/2"s 10-4100
3 Gasket, Balboa Water Group/HAI Slimline Suction/Hydro Jet 30-3804CLR
4 Wall Fitting, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet/Strip Skimmer, 2-3/8"hs, Wht 30-3801WHT
4 Wall Fitting, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet, 2-3/8"hs, Blk 30-3801BLK
4 Wall Fitting, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet, 2-3/8"hs, Gry 30-3801GRY
4 Wall Fitting,BWG/HAI Hydro Jet,2-9/16"l,2-3/8"hs,Long,White 30-3803WHT
4a* Nut, Balboa Water Group/HAI Hydro Jet,Wall Fitting,White,2" 30-3807WHT
5 Eyeball, Balboa Water Group/HAI Hydro Jet, White 30-3805WHT
6 Retaining Ring, Balboa Water Group/HAI Hydro Jet, White 30-3806WHT
7 Jet Intl, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet, Long, 3-3/8"fd, Dir, w/Nut, Wht 10-3300WHT
7 Jet Intl, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet,3-3/8"fd,w/o Nut,Dir,Smth,White 50-3500WHT
7 Jet Intl, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet,3-3/8"fd,w/o Nut,Dir,Smth,Bone 10-3500BON
7 Jet Intl, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet, 3-3/8"fd, w/o Nut, Dir, Gry 50-3500GRY
7 Jet Intl,BWG/HAI Hydro Jet,Long,3-3/8"fd,w/o Nut,Dir,White 10-3600WHT
7 Jet Intl,BWG/HAI Hydro Jet,Long,3-3/8"fd, w/o Nut,Dir,Brn 10-3600BRN
7 Jet Intl,BWG/HAI Hydro Jet,Long,3-3/8"fd,w/o Nut,Dir,Blk 10-3600BLK
8 Tool, Spa Jet Retaining Ring, HydroAir/Balboa Hydro Jet HAD4040
9 Tool, Wall Fitting, 6-Tip, HydroAir/Balboa Hydro Jet HYD6402
12 Extension Kit, BWG/HAI Hydro Jet Gunite, w/Nozzle, Nut 10-4400
13 Std Eye & Ring Black 10-3808BLK
13 Std Eye & Ring Brown 10-3808BRN
13 Eyeball, BWG Hydro Jet, w/ Retainer Ring White 10-3808WHT

See the links above for related parts.

The original jet with 1-1/2" air and water slip fittings. Air can also be individually vented by a 1/2" port at the top of each jet body. A 2-3/8" mounting hole is required.

Tech answers question about part 4a:


*Question about part 4A in above diagram: What in blazes does the 2 inch mean?

A: Well turns out this nut part 4A is used not only for above diagram/jet part but also in a suction assembly.

This nut would thread on to the wall fitting.  These use the same wall fitting.

2” is the size of the plumbing that can glue into the wall fitting that the nut goes on to.

In the Hydro Air Hydro Jet, if you were not using the jet body you would thread the part 4A on to the wall fitting.  Or, for the extension kit.

In the Hydro Air Suction Assembly, you use this nut 4a if using 2” plumbing, a different nut if 1-1/2” plumbing.

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