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HydroAir Convertassage Jet Complete 1 Inch Slip Air x 1 Inch Slip Water 10-4500WHT

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  • 10-4500WHT
  • discontinued clear jet body
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10-4500WHT jet assembly available again but has white jet body instead of the discontinued clear jet body.

HydroAir Convertassage Jet Complete 1" slip Air x 1" slip Water 10-4500WHT


1 Jet Body, BWG/HAI Convertassage, 2-1/2"hs, a1"s, w1"s 56-4200
1 Jet Body, BWG/HAI Convertassage, 2-1/2"hs, a1"s, w1-1/2"s 56-4250
2 Gasket,Wall Fitting,BWG/HAI AF/Magna/Freedom/Convertassage 30-5847CLR
3 Wall Fitting, BWG/HAI Convertassage, 2-1/2"hs 56-5215WHT
4 Escutcheon,BWG/HAI Convertassage,w/Dir Eyeball,Smth,White 10-4505WHT
6 Jet Intl, BWG/HAI Microssage, 3-9/16"fd, Roto, Smth, White 16-5230WHT
6 Jet Intl, BWG/HAI Microssage, 3-9/16"fd, Roto, Smth, Gry 16-5230GRY
6 Jet Intl,BWG/HAI Microssage,3-9/16"fd,Roto,Smth,White,Gunite 16-5274WHT
7 Escutcheon, Balboa Water Group/HAI Convertassage, Stainless 36-5255M SS
8 Tool, Wall Fitting, BWG/HAI Butterfly/Magna/Super Magna HYD5003
10 Jet Cmplt,BWG/HAI Convertassage,2-1/2"hs,Eye,White,a1"s,w1"s 10-4500WHT
10 Jet Cmplt,BWG/HAI Convertassage,2-1/2"hs,Eye,a1"s,w1-1/2"s 10-4510WHT
11 Jet Cmplt, BWG/HAI Microssage, 2-1/2"hs, Roto, Wht,a1"s,w1"s 16-5200WHT
11 Jet Cmplt,BWG/HAI Microssage,2-1/2"hs,Roto,Wht,a1"s,w1-1/2"s 16-5250WHT
  O-Ring, Buna-N, 1-1/4" ID, 1/8" Cross Section, Generic O-282


Convertassage Jets are true to their name. They can be easily converted from a directionally adjustable jet to a rotating jet. Stainless steel escutcheons available for both types. A 2-1/2" hole is required for mounting.

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