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HydroAir Duo Blaster Jet Grill 36-3921SL GRY

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36-3921SL GRY
36-3921SL GRY
36-3921SL GRY
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HydroAir Duo Blaster Jet Grill 36-3921SL in grey.


Hydro Air Duo jet part 36-3921SL GRY

Jet Part Type Escutcheon Faceplate
Manufacturer HydroAir/Balboa
Model Duo Blaster
Face Diameter 1-5/8"
Color Gray, Medium
Face Style

Deluxe Scalloped


duo back

We offer a full range of Duo Blaster jet parts in white and gray.


we also offer 36-3920EXTUSGRY wall fitting.


Gasket for Duo Blaster jet


Flowpath gray

Flowpath white


Wall Fitting threaded gray

Wall Fitting threaded white


Retaining Ring gray

Retaining Ring white


Jet Grill SL Series gray

Jet Gril SL Series white


Smooth Jet Grill Escutcheon white

Smooth Jet Grill Escutheon gray


Duo Jet parts

duo jet
here are different parts in the duo jets

36-3910GRY is a gray nozzle part 4

36-2696GRY is a gray retaining ring part 5

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