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IN.YE-5 Spa Pack and Heater 0610-221046-355 Gecko IN.YE-5-H4.0-AMP-V2-GD3

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  • IN.YE-5 Spa Pack and Heater 0610-221046-355 Gecko IN.YE-5-H4.0-AMP-V2-GD3
  • IN.YE-5 Spa Pack and Heater 0610-221046-355 Gecko IN.YE-5-H4.0-AMP-V2-GD3
  • IN.YE-5 Spa Pack
  • in.ye5
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0610-221046-355 is a IN.YE-5 spa pack with heater by Gecko.  (5 outputs)

IN.YE-5-H4.0-AMP-V2-GD3 is a spa pack and heater.

Y Series Features:
Built in Heater Probes
Programmable via Keypad
Self Diagnostic and Solid State Water Flow Detection
WiFi Ready- In.Touch 2 (Sold Separately 0608-521020)

Convertible 120/240V
Heater: 1.0/4.0KW
Pump 1: 1 or 2 Speed 120/240V
Pump 2: 1 or 2 Speed 120/240V
Blower/Pump3: 1 Speed 120/240V
Circ: 120/240V (see note below)
Light: 12V
Ozone: 120/240V (see note below)

Note: If using both Circ and Ozone, Must be in Same Voltage and will need Amp Splitter Harness
(Sold Separately) 9920-401369

Gecko Aeware controller for spa. supports 5 configurable outputs, a 4kW heater and a standard 12V light. Ideal for spas with pump 1 with 1 or 2 speeds, pump 2 with 1 or 2 speeds, blower or circ. pump or ozonator. Direct connection for Audio available. (the output voltage can be configured on the board). Works with keypads in.k200, in.k19, in.k35, in.k450, in.k600 static, in.k120 (auxiliary) and in.touch Wi-Fi module (sold separately)

Replacement Option For:
3-72-7032 and 0610-221002A

inye spa pack overview

This spa Pack with Heater also Available in Bundles/Kits with Topside Control Panels and Cords:
BDLYE5K450 Control with In.K450 Topside
BDLYE5K200 Control with In.K200 Topside
BDLYE5K3530P Control with In.K35 Topside
3-72-7035 Control with 1-Pump In.K19 Topside
3-72-7039 Control with 2-Pump In.K19 Topside

inye dimensions
INYE spa pack dimensions
Weight: Up to 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 19.598" x 10.75" x 4.98" (497 x 273 x 126 mm)

5 outputs - Up to 5 out of the list.  Dual speed pumps use 2 outpust.

Pump 1
Pump 2
Pump 3
Pump 4
Pump 5
Circ Pump
Dual speed pumps use 2 outputs
Example using 5 outputs:
Example using 5 outputs:
P1-2spd, P2-1spd, Blower
and Ozone

Need more outputs?  See the 7 output 0611-221031-361

Wifi intouch 2

Can use any topsides from the K200 up to the K1000 and the K1001

Need a control panel? See in.k600 0607-008064

Or see the in.k450 0607-005012

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