Infinity Spa Parts

Infinity Spas is a hot tub manufacturer based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Infinity Spas has been custom manufacturing hot tubs for over 15 years. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement Infinity Spa parts and accessories for all makes and models.  

There may be some confusion about both discontinued spa lines - Infinity or Infiniti spas that were made pre-2000.

Filters that fit some of these spas include:

104311 (now replaced by 100533)  50sqft filter in Atlantis LS, Mariner, Nassau and Nautilus models (Infiniti)

104312 and 104313   35sqft filter as found in Aegean Pro Deck and SE models.

Pillows found in Infiniti spas include 104836, 104837, 104844 and 104845 ice bucket cover for Nautilus.


The Infinity Bermuda is a budget hot tub that is 110 Volts, seats 3, has 12 jets and measures 60" x 84.5" x 25". The Infinity Tahoe is an economical model that fits 6 bathers in a 78" x 82" x 33" shell. It runs on 220 volts, has 25 Waterway jets, a spa light and a lounge seat.   The Infinity Platinum hot tub has a lounger plus 2 seats in a 59" x 81" x 32" shell. It comes with topside controls, 31 jets and a 6 HP spa pump. The Infinity Tasmania hot tub seats 3 in a 71" x 66" x 31" shell, with 1 spa pump, 32 spa jets and a waterfall.   Infinity's Cozumel hot tub seats 6 in a 78" x 84" x 36" shell, with a lounge seat, 40 massage jets, 1 x 6 HP pump and user friendly topside controls.

The midrange Dundee hot tub has a lounger and open seating for 6. It measures 78" x 84" x 36", has 2 x 6 HP spa pumps, 59 spa jets and a waterfall.   The Infinity Bahama hot tub features contoured seating for 6 in the same size shell, but with 65 spa jets.

The deluxe models include the Atlantis TV hot tub, with a lounger, 65 hydrotherapy jets, 2 x 6 HP pumps and 2 waterproof speakers. This 6 person spa measures 82" square x 36" high. The Montego hot tub seats 6 in a 92" square shell. It has 74 Waterway jets, including neck, shoulder and foot jets; 2 x 6HP spa pumps and a lounge seat. The Infinity Juno spa offers open seating for up to 6 persons in a 95" square shell. It features 2 spa pumps, 77 hydrotherapy jets and heat-retaining synthetic cabinetry. Infinity Spas' Paradise hot tub features a dual lounger, 78 massage jets, 4 waterproof speakers, 2 x 6 HP spa pumps and a deluxe hard cover. It measures 92" x 92" x 36". The Navigator hot tub is a luxury spa measuring 92" square x 36" deep, with room for 6, 114 Waterway jets, a waterfall, underwater light, 3 x 6 HP spa pumps and digital topside controls.